Frozen Poultry Forever: Culinary Applications and Benefits
Image Credit: Freepik

Non-vegetarians all over the world know that fresh meat tastes great and is good for health too. But did you know that when produced and processed with care and high quality controls, frozen meats produce great culinary gems? This is the primary reason why the very art of preservation was born thousands of years ago even before the mechanical refrigerator was introduced in the mid-19th century in the USA. In 1869, Gustavus Swift pioneered the use of refrigerated rail cars to transport meat over long distances, and the world hasn’t looked back since. 

Following up on the lines of this heritage, U.S.A. is now the world’s largest producer and second largest exporter of poultry meat, including frozen meats. In 2022, nearly 15% of the poultry meat produced in the U.S. was exported to various parts of the world, where the market for frozen meats is simply growing. 

Benefits of Using Frozen Poultry Today 

This popularity of frozen meat all over the world as well as in India can be attributed to the increased preference of the non-vegetarian population for quality meat from the best producers in the world like U.S. Poultry. Moreover, the additional benefit of consuming frozen poultry meat in the fast-paced modern times has further driven the demand. Frozen meat today is a staple in every household refrigerator and has the following benefits to provide. 

1. Extended Shelf Life: The first and foremost benefit of responsibly and carefully frozen meats, is that freezing extends the shelf life of the meat. Not only are frozen meats available around the year despite where they are originally sourced from, but also have very little spoilage and food waste. This is because freezing stops the growth of bacteria and molds so that you can store frozen meats for as long as the label says it is safe for consumption. 

2. Nutrient Retention: The best frozen meats in the world are frozen at the peak of their freshness, which helps preserve all the nutrient you want to get from it. So, the protein, vitamin B12, iron and zinc levels in frozen meat, among other nutrients, are perfectly retained in frozen meats. In effect, this means that frozen meats have essentially the same nutritional value as fresh meat. 

3. Reduced Risk of Illnesses: It ensure that meat is frozen properly to kill any microorganisms present in it. They also maintain freezing temperatures and quality with immense responsibility, which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. So, consuming quality frozen meat can reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.  

4. Convenience: Ready to use at the drop of a hat, frozen meats offer extreme convenience for modern home cooks juggling busy jobs and lifestyles. Having a few choice frozen meat options at home, ranging from chicken cuts to red meat chops, can not only help you save a trip to the butcher’s every time you need to eat meat but also prepare the home for sudden hosting requirements posed by guests. 

5. Sustainability: The best bit about frozen meat is that unlike fresh meat, you need not use it all up at once. Defreeze the meat you want to eat, in the proportion you want, and just use that bit—that's also a bit of convenience that frozen meat provides, and it adds to the sustainability and no-waste approach to food that is much-needed in the world right now.  

Culinary Uses of Frozen Meat 

So, the culinary applications of frozen meat are many. Here are some that you can and should try out.  

1. Stir-Fries: Frozen poultry meat can be easily defrosted, cut into slices and used in any stir-fried dishes. These cuts soak up all the flavours from other ingredients, so add spices and veggies to your heart's delight. From simple dry sabjis to dishes like noodles and fried rice can be easily whipped up with frozen meat. 

2. Stews and Curries: Frozen poultry meat cuts which have a bit of bone in them, like chicken legs or mutton chest, make for great bases for rich stews and curries. Make them with red wine in the French style or with spices in the Indian style but, make these with frozen meat you must. 

3. Snacks: Who doesn’t like to dig into a bucket of chicken nuggets or mincemeat pakoras from time to time? If you do, then nothing makes snacking easier than frozen meat. Just pick the recipe, defrost the meat and cook it up! 

4. Grilled Food: Hosting a party at home? You don’t have to worry about sourcing fresh meat and stocking it before D-Day if you have frozen meat in your freezer. Thicker cuts of frozen meat, like chops, steaks and even chicken breasts can be marinated with ease and placed on the grill for the perfect house party treats. 

5. Burgers and Sandwiches: When you are trying to eat healthy like a meat sandwich or those sudden cravings for burgers hit, a frozen meat burger patty or minced meat can come to your rescue like nothing else can. A frozen meat burger patty can be quickly and easily cooked on a stove-top, and so can minced meat fillings for a quick sandwich.