4 Delicious Affogato Recipes Approved By Chefs

Nothing elevates a day like an affogato. And though the Italian coffee dessert needs only a few ingredients, its nuance lies in the quality of ingredients and technique used. A classic affogato needs a shot of hot espresso, gelato (or ice cream) and half a shot of liquor (preferably nutty variants like Frangelico or amaretto).

The word affogato translates to 'drowned'; so the gelato or ice cream is drowned under the coffee or topped well with the espresso. However, chefs all over the world have made the recipe their own and switched up some elements for the sake of taste or convenience. Which is just as well it has been around since the 1700s and has somehow managed to evolve into an easy convenient pick-me-up!

The key to a great affogato lies in the espresso-to-ice cream/gelato ratio; a classic affogato is made with two cups of gelato to one shot of espresso. With the uptick in speciality coffee wave in India, chefs have gotten creative with this traditional Italian recipe and have experimented with different variants of coffee, be it South Indian filter coffee, Nespresso decoction or even classic drip coffee. This also means the affogato has been a staple in Indian cafes for a while now. 

Video Credits: Recipetin/YouTube

So how do chefs envision their perfect affogato? And most importantly, which is the most doable?

Saransh Goila's Desi Affogato

Chef Saransh Goila recently shared the recipe for an Indianised affogato which he made using filter 'kaapi.' Classic filter coffee is more delicate than espresso and tends to have a cleaner finish, so using it for affogato can offer a well-rounded taste with lesser acidity. Go for a darker ground and stick to 60 grams of ground coffee per Litre of water. Goila brews filter coffee from scratch and pours the decoction over a pot of vanilla ice cream; although the chef says malai can also be used for this one. 

Saloni Kukreja's Lazy Day Affogato

Chef Saloni Kukreja's Lazy Day affogato puts a new spin on the reverse affogato trend and can be ready in seconds! Saloni takes a cup of vanilla ice cream, scoops out some ice cream and fills the cup with hot espresso, almost drowning the ice cream. Moreover, the chef uses a pod coffee machine which offers an even flavourful brew than most commercial espresso machines. But a classic French press or drip coffee is just as usable for this recipe.

Rishab Varma's DIY Affogato

Chef Rishab Varma's Mumbai ice cream brand has a DIY affogato bar which offers a host of house-made toppings to complement the coffee dessert, such as marshmallows, caramel sauce etc. You can even zhuzh things up and mix in more flavours! While the traditional affogato is topping-free, adding a dollop of fresh whipped cream, shaved chocolate or crushed hazelnuts is a great way to consume affogato.

Chef Kursten Kizer Version Of A Viral Affogato

Chef Kursten Kizer of LA's popular eatery Craig's put his own spin on the viral affogato from Florence's cult dessert joint Vivoli Gelateria. The family-run shop offers creamy gelato in a pre-chilled cappuccino cup, leaving a fluffy square in the centre. The espresso flows directly into the hollowed-out gelato square. It may be a cult recipe but it's very easy to recreate at home. Chef Kizer tries the same technique with creamy ice cream and makes it more effortless.