From expressos to lattes and mochas, the variety of coffee knows no bounds. Nevertheless, caffeine has a strong addictive power that can lure you into its trap pretty quickly. Imagine if that is combined with the sweetness of a dessert. That is surely a killer duo that can give your next level satisfaction.  

Don’t tell us you haven’t tried Affogato yet? Well, if not, now is the time. Affogato in French means, drowning because you’ll be drowning in caffeine quite literally! Sounds fancy, right? We tell you not.  

Here is how you can whip an Affogato dessert in 3 easy steps.  


- Gelato ice cream (or regular vanilla ice cream) 

- Expresso shot/ regular brewed strong coffee  

- Dark Chocolate shavings 

- Chopped hazelnuts  


1. Take a coffee cup or a fancy dessert glass.  

2. Place 2 scoops of gelato or your vanilla ice cream on the base of the cup.  

3. Pour an expresso shot over it.  

4. Garnish it with dark chocolate shavings and sprinkle some hazelnuts on top.  

Tips to Serve 

- Affogato is supposed to super chilled so make sure the ice cream is refrigerated well. Also, take out the scoops only when your expresso shot is ready.  

- Do not pour the expresso shot until the last minute before serving. 

- To keep your dessert cool for long and preventing the ice cream from melting quickly, freeze the dessert cups or glasses for some time.  

Oh, did you feel a tickle in your sweet tooth? We won’t keep you waiting. Whip it up and dive right in.