5 Delicacies To Try At The New Sikkim House In Delhi
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Delhi has a lot of State Bhavan canteens that offer exquisite food from different parts of the country. If you are unable to travel to different states of India to taste the authentic flavours of their cuisine, then you can surely visit the State Bhavan Canteens, as they serve the true flavours of all the states. A recent addition to the State Bhavan canteen is the New Sikkim House. 

This State Bhavan canteen is dedicated to Sikkim-ese cuisine, as it is still very much untouched by the rest of the country. Let's look at some of the top things that you can try during your visit to the New Sikkim House.

* Thukpa

Thukpa, rooted in Himalayan and Nepalese cuisine, is a delightful one-pot soup featuring a rich broth and homemade noodles. Available in four variants at Sikkim House—vegetarian, chicken, buff, and pork—these freshly served options are tender and bursting with flavor. Made with fresh, high-quality meat, the price per plate ranges from Rs 199 to Rs 250, depending on your choice. 

* Momos

Momo, an integral part of Northeastern cuisine, comes in various versions across the region's states. At Sikkim House, an array of steamed and fried momos are available, including vegetarian, chicken, buff, and pork variations. Prices for momos range from Rs. 170 to Rs. 230 per plate. If you're up for some extra heat, you can also opt for the spicy chilli momos. Served in bamboo baskets and paired with the signature momo chutney, these delights await your taste buds.

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* ThenThuk

ThenThuk, a popular flour-based handmade noodle dish in Sikkim, is a local favourite. This meal comprises a medley of vegetables and meats, offering a delicately flavourful experience. Perfect for a comforting lunch or dinner, it's available in vegetarian, chicken, pork, and buff variations at Sikkim House. The vegetarian option is the most economical, priced at Rs. 200 per plate, while the priciest option is Rs. 230.

* Thali

For an unforgettable experience at Sikkim House, don't miss their Thali. This ensemble features a variety of Sikkimese delicacies, perfect for lunch or dinner. The vegetarian Thali offers white rice, karela chips, Gondaru achaar, mixed achaar, daal, saag, aloo sini, bhindi, and a delightful halwa for dessert. For an egg-based variation, the Egg Thali includes egg curry with the vegetarian Thali. Additionally, the non-vegetarian Thali includes chicken, mutton, or fish curry alongside the vegetarian spread. Prices range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 350, allowing you to select your preferred option.

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* Tandoori Snacks

Apart from the delightful Sikkimese dishes, you'll also discover North Indian snacks at the Sikkim House. Treat yourself to options like paneer tikka, stuffed mushroom tikka, Amritsar Tandoori Chaap, paneer malai tikka, and Dahi Ke Sholey. Starting at Rs. 300 per plate, these snacks go up to Rs. 320 per plate. Crafted in authentic North Indian style, these delectable snacks serve as perfect starters before indulging in your Sikkimese meal.

Experience the best offerings at New Sikkim House. Embracing a serene atmosphere and a simple interior, this place boasts culinary excellence crafted by skilled chefs. The remarkable part? Delight in authentic Sikkimese dishes without denting your budget. With affordable prices, you're guaranteed a flavourful experience. And if you want to give this place a try, here are the details you need to know:

Address: Panchsheel Marg, Block F, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Timings: 8 AM To 9 PM

Price For Two: Rs. 600