From The Kitchens Of Meghalaya: 5 Delicious Khasi Dishes You Cannot Afford To Miss
Image Credit: Source: Soniya's Homemade Thali Showcase/Facebook

Located in the North-Eastern parts of the Indian subcontinent, the state of Meghalaya has grabbed the eyeballs of millions of Indians for various reasons. Be it the vast, rocky cliffs, the picturesque landscapes or the breathtaking valleys, the state of Meghalaya has something or the other to offer to nature lovers. The state predominantly consists of three hills- Garo, Khasi and Jaintia. Each of these regions has its unique culinary heritage that has created an impact on Indians. Keeping the other two for some other time, let's talk about Khasi cuisine today. Mainly composed of flavourful meat and fish dishes which are accompanied by rice, Khasi cuisine has kept Meghalayans hooked to it for ages. Keeping the introduction short, here’s a quick tour through Khasi cuisine with five delicious dishes that you cannot miss on your next trip to Meghalaya.


A traditional rice dish, Jadoh is made with short-grained rice called Joha rice. The dish is mainly made up of rice and pork where the pork is slow-cooked with some aromatic spices. The smoky pork, aromatic spices and caramelized onions create a tantalizing sensation on the palate.  


A Khasi pork dish, Dohkileh is a salad made with pig brain and some local produce. The pig brain is cooked in a curry and then mixed with an assortment of veggies and is served with flatbread.


After the aforementioned dishes, it is quite clear that the Khasi tribe shares a strong bond with pork dishes. Adding another to the list- Dohneiiong is a gravy dish that is made with pork. The gravy is made with black sesame seeds paste that results in the earthy flavour of the dish.  


A rice dish, Pumaloi is a powdered rice dish that is stuffed with grated coconut. Ideal to be consumed at any point of the day, Pumaloi is made by first steaming and cooking rice powder in a pot.


The North-Eastern cousin of Kerala’s Nei Appam, Pukhlein is a deep-fried rice dessert. Made with primarily two ingredients- rice and jaggery, Pukhlein is widely relished by the Khasi tribes.  

The tour has ended on a sweet note and we hope you go on a real culinary tour and relish these five dishes the next time you visit Meghalaya.