From The Coasts Of Odisha: 5 Odia Dishes You Can With Coconut

We know God doesn’t do favourites but when it comes to India, we think (s)he might forget that. The Indian subcontinent is blessed with a location that makes us marvel all the time. With the mountain ranges in the North to the coastal belts in the South, the country’s varying topography is worth noticing. This varying topography has also contributed to the vibrant and varied culinary heritage of India. The local produce of every single state greatly impacts its culinary heritage. Similarly, when it comes to the state of Odisha, the state’s tropical location largely impacts the culinary practices of the region. Being an Odia myself, I love the tropical flavours zinging throughout some authentic Odia dishes. And with a large number of festivals celebrated throughout the year, there is no end to the use of Shri Phal or coconut in Odia households. Be it Pana Sankranti or Raja, coconut is a must-have in Odia religious occasions. As the festivities are around, relishing some authentic Odia dishes made with coconut is mandatory in Odia households. And here are five delicious dishes made with coconut that Odias fondly savour.  

1. Nadia Bara

One of my personal favourites, Nadia Bara is a pan-fried fritter made out of the grated coconut. Grated coconut, chana dal paste, dry red chillies, ginger and coriander leaves are made into a thick paste and then pan-fried to perfection.

2. Kakera Pitha

A classic Odia dish, Kakara Pitha is a deep-fried sweet that can be found in every Odia festival. Grated coconut is cooked along with jaggery and cardamom powder and is used as a filling to make semolina dumplings. These dumplings are then deep-fried before serving.

3. Dahi Nadi/Nadia Pachedi

Quite simple yet delicious, this dish is a delectable amalgam of coconut and yogurt. Grated coconut is mixed with curd and is served with curry leaves and mustard seeds tempering.

4. Nadia Khechudi

Like any other regional culinary heritage, Khichdi is a quintessential part of Odia culinary culture too. Nadia Khechudi is filled with coconut flavours and is usually served with Dalma. This dish can be served for lunch on festive days.

5. Nadia Dalma

Needless to say, Dalma is one of the most popular dishes of Odia cuisine. An everyday lunch dish, Dalma is a melange of lentils, veggies and some humble Indian spices. Nadia Dalma is made with grated coconut and is all things delicious and aromatic.

So, next time when you are left with a bowl of grated coconut, don’t think twice and try making these Odia delicacies at home to savour the flavours of Odisha. We bet you won't forget the taste for the rest of your life.