From Thali to Salad: Sonu Sood's Foodie Struggles are Real
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood is a sensation both online and offline. With his tremendous social service during the COVID-19 lockdown, Sood has managed to create a fan base that surpasses all barriers. While many may know him as a great actor, some have named him a messiah, a rescuer, and much more. Did you know that the Dabangg actor is, in fact, a foodie like us in real life? Sonu is often seen enjoying some delectable delicacies, be it at home or on vacation. Besides, the actor also has an impeccable penchant for cooking too. However, being an actor, he has to keep his body in shape too, which means he simply can’t enjoy all the food that he wishes to at any given time.

Well, the pain is real, as Sonu recently shared what he was offered and what he actually ate. Well, the contrast is simply sad for a foodie. In an Instagram story, Sood first shared a picture of an Assamese thali that contained aloo pitika, mati mahor dali, bengena bor, or brinjal fritters, and much more, accompanied by rice and roti. "Assamese thali that’s offered to me," Sonu wrote on the image, along with a laughing emoji. It looks delicious, doesn’t it? However, the next image showed what he really had for dinner. The picture had a portion of what looked like a quinoa salad with lettuce leaves! "This is what I am going to eat," Sonu wrote in the image. Now that is a sad story, isn’t it?

Imagine being served a mouth-watering thali but actually having to eat a bowl of salad! We understand the pain Sood must’ve been through. Take a look at what he shared: 

For anyone wondering what Assamese thali is all about, it is the taste of the region’s aromatic rice varieties, herbs, vegetables, and curries; the very typical fermented stuff; juices; and sweet dishes. It can be either non-vegetarian or vegetarian and usually includes dishes such as rice, khar, pitika, masor tenga, gooseberry fish curry, duck or pigeon meat, kharoli, etc., besides traditional black and sticky rice pudding for a sweet finish.