Thermos Flasks: Store Food And Drinks Warm Or Chilled
Image Credit: Foods to store in a thermos flask.

The first question that you may have been asking is whether food can be stored in a flask. Not just drinks and beverages, but other kinds of liquids like soups and stews can also be filled in a thermos flask and stored well. However, the idea is not just to store them, but to store them properly. This means that you need to make sure that the flask is clean and washed properly after each use.

Flasks are better than glass bottles in this regard, as they don’t retain the aroma of the contents poured into them. It is also important to ensure what kinds of foods can be stored in flasks. Generally, those with a liquid base are suitable for thermos flasks. Be it a hot stew or a cold smoothie, you can dunk everything in your flask, but be sure to check the contents before consuming to ensure bacteria have not developed and it is fit for consumption.


Hot Foods  

1.     Soups  

Any soup, like chicken clear soup, vegetable clear soup, etc., can be stored in a thermos flask, as it keeps your hot soup as it is. When it's time to drink, simply pour it out of the flask, and it'll be the same temperature as when you poured it.

2.     Hot Chocolate  

Winters call for hot chocolate. The delicious and chocolatey drink that is made with cocoa powder, chocolate, and milk is a warming concoction for the season. Storing it in a flask on a nighttime picnic or while travelling long distances can be a good idea.

3.     Curries  

Indians love their curries and gravies. Be it a hot and flavourful chicken curry or a fiery, red lamb gravy, you can store it in a thermos flask that keeps it warm and the flavours intact. Pour it on your plate and pair it with rice or roti as you like.

Cold Foods  

1.     Smoothies  

Fresh, creamy smoothies made with berries, yoghurt, and fruits of your choice can be stored and carried in flasks. Going for a morning run? Take your avocado, kale, and spinach smoothie along. Churn the ingredients in your grinder and dunk the smooth paste in your flask. Keep sipping as you go.

2.     Muesli  

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Running late for work? Don’t worry, you can always carry your muesli with you on the go. Prepare the oatmeal with apples, berries, and nuts of your choice. Mix it all well and pour it into your flask. It will keep the muesli cold and fresh till you reach the office.

3.     Yoghurt  

Even things like yoghurt can be stored in thermos flasks. You need to add the fresh, plain, unsweetened yoghurt to your flask and can pour it into a bowl whenever you like to eat. Then, you can top it with berries, fruits, and nuts once you want to eat it.

The trick for storing warm foods in a thermos is to fill it with boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes, after which the thermos is warm. You can drain the water and add your hot food to it. Similarly, for cold food, fill it up with cold water and ice and let it chill. Once it is cool, add your cold contents.