5 Benefits Of Eating A Light Dinner

Heavy dinners with big portion sizes, dense amounts of oils and simple carbohydrates can lead to bloating, acidity and troubled sleep. For long, nutritionists and practitioners of Ayurveda have advocated the importance of eating before sundown and eating light at dinner time for weight-loss, healthy sugar levels and overall wellness. 

Until the last few centuries, dinner simply meant the largest meal of the day and was usually had late in the afternoon. A light supper would be the last meal of the day and would comprise of nothing but simple dal-rice or soup and bread to ward off midnight hunger pangs. This is because as the day wears on, the digestive fire in the body reduces and the stomach slows down its digestion process. Eating a heavy meal at the end of the day thus interferes with the body's natural clock and sleep patterns and hampers good rest and recovery. Here are 5 health benefits of ending the day with a light dinner:

Improved Digestion

A light dinner made up of a bowl of soup or a warm salad is easy on the stomach and quickens the digestive process in the evening. Digestive juices slacken as the day winds down so eating heavy, oily and creamy foods at dinner can heighten the risk of acidity or indigestion. Eating simply to keep energy levels high is a good way to improve digestion which will in turn boost overall health.

Better Sleep

The body works on repairing wear and tear, muscle recovery and healing while it sleeps. If the stomach remains engaged in digestive processes late into the night, it hampers the quality of sleep and affects energy levels and rejuvenation. A fully digested light dinner before bedtime ensures better sleep functions and bodily repair.

Reduces Fatigue

When the body enjoys deep sleep each night, waking up early the next day feeling refreshed and energetic becomes possible. A light dinner completes the digestion process, leads to deep sleep and effectively lessens the feeling of being fatigued or tired. Light and early dinners give much more energy and allow the body to work or pursue a hobby for an extra hour after sundown.

Improves Metabolism 

Having a light dinner means the body wakes up feeling refreshed but also, very hungry. A heavy breakfast had in the morning when the digestive fire is at its highest leads to an improved rate of metabolism. Digestive processes regularise themselves to adjust to the body's natural circadian rhythm, improving metabolic functions that have a direct impact on several factors like ageing, immunity and brain function.

Reduces Lifestyle Diseases

High levels of cholesterol, hypertension and certain other heart issues are a result of poor lifestyle and dietary choices. An early dinner is the simplest preventative that improves digestion and sleep quality, reduces stress levels and gives the body ample of time for rest and recovery. Having a light dinner and eating wholesome meals during the day thus improves health and fitness levels to limit the risk of suffering from lifestyle diseases.