The Top 5 Health Benefits Of Having Dinner Before Sunset

Having an early dinner as part of a weight-loss routine is a no-brainer. There have been many studies and testimonials about the importance of having an early dinner to lose those excess calories. But how early is early? And is weight loss the only advantage of eating a meal earlier than usual?

According to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, the body and nature are in close alignment. Simultaneously, the way to a healthy and active lifestyle is through a healthy stomach and smooth digestion. This means that at sunrise, the fire in the belly, which induces hunger and helps digestion, is far more intense, and as the day wears off, this heat reduces and slows down the digestive process. So, an early dinner is best had before sundown, which differs from season to season and aids not only in losing calories but also in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Here are some benefits of having dinner before sundown:

Repair And Healing

Having the last meal of the day with or before sundown ensures that the body digests everything that has been ingested. It is only after digestion is complete that the body starts healing and repairing the wear and tear that occurs on an everyday basis. The earlier the dinner, the quicker the digestion, which means more time for the body to recover from muscle soreness, injury, or cell damage.

Promotes Sound Sleep

Finishing dinner at sunset ensures that the body starts getting ready for sleep and keeps the overall sleep cycle in check. Early dinners also mean a monitored water intake, and the tendency to drink in excess is reduced. This increased the chances of a sound, undisturbed sleep. In some cases, eating before sunset can also mean that one sleeps early, and of course, early to bed is early to rise!

Regulates The Circadian Rhythm 

The Circadian rhythm is basically the body's internal clock, which adjusts itself according to changes in the external environment. This is evident in the tendency to eat more in the winter and less in the summer because the body regulates its internal heat according to the falling or rising mercury. Having dinner early helps with adhering to this body clock because it induces a sunrise-to-sunset cycle that is more attuned to nature's patterns. As the body functions according to this clock, it also starts experiencing a spike in energy levels.

Prevents Overeating

After sundown, digestive juices slow down, and the liver's tendency to process foods also drops dramatically. This means that hunger cues become lethargic, and it is difficult to understand when satiety is reached. Eating with the sun means recognising levels of hunger so that the feeling of being full comes quicker and with a minimal risk of overeating. It gives the body enough time to process the food and prevents heartburn, acidity, or other gastrointestinal issues that may arise due to overeating.

Helps To Manage Blood Sugar Levels

In many cases of severe diabetes, early dinners have proven to be an effective means of regulating blood sugar levels. While meal times and diet plans must be made in consultation with medical professionals, for many diabetics, early dinners mean a lower spike in sugar levels at night. However, for diabetics, it is just as imperative to start the day with the sunrise to make sure that there is a monitored gap between dinner and the first meal the next morning to prevent sugar levels from falling too low.