From Sarva Pindi To Malidalu, 11 Best Recipes Of Telangana
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Telangana emerged as a separate state from the previously united Andhra Pradesh following the state's bifurcation. Telangana may be a relatively new addition to the Indian geographical map, but it already has a distinctive regional and cultural identity. Telangana's food is renowned for its unique flavour and fiery heat. Spicy pickles are an essential part of a regular meal in this part of the world. The cooking styles of the Telugu population in Telangana vary by region, neighbourhood, and community. This is especially true with snacks, curries, and desserts. Here are the top 11 Telangana dishes that one must try.

Jonna Rotte

Despite the widespread perception of South Indian states being rice-centric regions, Telangana actually features a surprisingly robust selection of traditional Indian flatbreads. Among them is jowar roti, also known as jonna rotte. Kamareddy villagers rely on Jonna Rotte as a primary source of nutrition due to the abundance of Jowar in most Telangana districts.

Otti Chepalu Koora

Otti, also known as rabbitfish, is a healthy choice due to its high protein content and abundance of healthy fats and minerals. Otti Chepalu curry is prepared as prasadam, or holy offering, for local deities such as Pochamma Devi and Maisamma Devi. Telangana's rural celebrations wouldn't be the same without it.

Ankapur Nattu Kodi

Ankapur nattu kodi, or country chicken, is well-known. The chicken dish from the hamlet of Ankapur in Nizamabad, Telangana, is famous throughout India. One of Telangana's most defining culinary traditions is the state's hot take on this chicken dish.

Ankapur chicken curry, Image Source: PICHEKKISTA BOBBY FOOD@YouTube


Puran poli, bakshalu, obbattu, and holige are all alternate names for bobbatlu. Bobbatlu is traditionally prepared during the Ugadi festival using wheat flour, sweet-flavoured lentils, and a touch of ghee. Their presence at this event is mandatory.

Kobbari Saddi

Kobbari Saddi is a kind of coconut rice. Nonetheless, it is well known as ammavari naivedyam, a form of devotional offering to the goddess. The indigenous Bathukamma festival in Telangana is celebrated in grand style. During that time, Kobbari Saddi made significant preparations.

Talakaya Kura

On the day of the regional celebration known as Bonalu, a goat is sacrificed. Its various parts are divided among the participating families, with the heads used to make a dish called talakaya curry. Talakaya curry, a spicy curry, is Bonalu's most revered meal.

Makka Gudaalu

Ankapur Village in the Indian state of Telangana is famous for its production of Makka or maize. As a result, makka or maize is used in various dishes. Try some Makka vadaalu and Makka gudaalu for authentic Telangana fare. Dry desi maize kernels are used to make makka gudalu. It's a staple for brunch or evening snacks. Dried maize that has been cooked and sautéed with spices. Instead of using shredded coconut, Gudaalu is comparable to Sundal.

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Thunti Koora

Red sorrel leaves are the main ingredient in Thunti Koora, a fiery vegetarian stew. Red sorrel contains nutrients, including vitamin A and c, and protein. The ideal accompaniments for this meal are jower or bajra chapatis (flatbread). Telangana natives typically pair thunti koora with makka rotte, ajja rotte, and uppudi or broken rice for a hearty meal.

Sarva Pindi

Telangana is home to a savoury pancake called sarva pindi, which is often prepared with rice flour and peanuts. Known as "tappala chekka" in the Warangal area and "sarva pindi" in the Siddipet region, these dishes have many names depending on where they are prepared. 

Pacchi Pulusu

Telangana's most famous cuisine, Pachi Pulusu, is a speciality only found in that part of the country. Pacchi Pulusu, in contrast to rasam, is served uncooked and raw. This recipe requires little effort other than tempering the liquid recovered from the soaking unripe or green tamarind.


It's hard to believe that chapati or rotte could be transformed into a tasty laddu. Malida Laddu, also known as Malidalu, is a traditional sweet food from Telangana. It is produced by combining chapati, jaggery, and dried fruits and then shaping the mixture into a laddu. You just need to rip up some chapatis and pulverise them into a coarse powder. Make laddus out of the jaggery-ghee mixture. Add some dried fruits to make them more nutritious and delicious.