From Pie To Tea: Top 8 Seasonal Fruit Recipes To Try This Winter
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In the shiver of winter, what could be more delectable than the comfort of meals prepared at home? As the temperature drops, the most loved seasonal fruits like apples, grapefruit, and oranges start making their way to the local markets. Eating the seasonal fruits always makes us ready to face the challenges of the season. Thus, embracing the seasonal fruits is beneficial for prolonged health benefits as well as tasting the essence of the season.

The winter season brings a change in the culinary scene as seasonal delicacies can be seen throughout India. During the winter, citrus and pome fruits are harvested in the majority and are readily available at low prices. This is the time when the fruits that we all yearn to eat the entire year are easily available at the local vegetable shops and can be eaten however we like.

Let us discover the top 8 delicious seasonal fruit recipes you can make to savour the essence of winter.

1) Apple Pie
This is a classic winter dessert loved for its flaky crust and comforting flavours. The sweet and spiced apple filling sprinkled with cinnamon gives off a warm and aromatic scent that fills the house. The apple pie is an iconic American dessert that is now loved by the entire world. It is often served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and is a great treat to enjoy during winter festivals or family gatherings.

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2) Grapefruit Tart
Grapefruit tart is an excellent winter dish that resembles the warmth of the sun and is equally warming. It is a zesty and elegant dessert that balances the tartness of grapefruit with a sweet, buttery crust. The smooth and tangy citrus filling, sometimes garnished with slices of juicy grapefruit or a shiny glaze, provides a burst of taste in every mouthful. This delightful winter tart can be prepared easily with a pre-baked crust filled with butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla mixture, topped with zesty grapefruit.

3) Kiwi Loaf Cake
A classic pound cake filled with the goodness of kiwi and the slightly zesty flavour of lime is a good winter feast for festivals. This tender kiwi loaf cake is made with fresh kiwi fruit and lime, which creates an astonishingly refreshing flavour. The cake is topped with beautiful slices of kiwi and can be served with warm coffee or hot chocolate.

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4) Orange, Honey And Lemon Tea
It's always difficult to get up early in the morning during the winter and give up the comfort of a warm blanket. When the eyes are still sore after a cosy night's sleep, a sip of refreshing citrus tea can be useful to be refreshed and start the day. This citrus orange, honey, and lemon tea drink will help you forget the comfort of bed and make you energised for facing the day. Orange-honey-lemon tea can be easily made by dissolving honey in hot water and squeezing fresh orange and lemon juice in it. The tea can also help soothe a sore throat, which is a common problem during the winter.

5) Strawberry Shortcake
How can we not talk about strawberries when talking about winter fruits? Strawberries are one of the most popular winter fruits in India. The juicy red colour invites us to indulge in its citrus flavours and always leaves us speechless. Including strawberry shortcake as one of the festive delights is a must. Strawberry shortcake is a delicious dessert with butter and a crumbly biscuit base. It is made by stacking up the biscuit base and juicy strawberries with whipped cream and dusting with icing sugar. It tastes like heaven with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

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6) Sitaphal Basundi
Sitaphal is one of the most loved fruits in India and is so versatile that it can be transformed into many sweet delicacies. One of them is sitaphal basundi, which is a rich and delectable dessert made from thickened milk. It is a flavoured variation of plain basundi that provides warmth to the body on cold winter days. It is usually best to serve it hot. Sitaphal basundi, in addition to being delicious, has several health benefits and is especially made for festivals and special occasions.

7) Pomegranate Muffins
A delightful baked treat that combines a tart flavour and leaves a tangy taste in the end. Pomegranate muffins are a satisfying winter treat that starts with a moist batter or muffin base made with flour, sugar, oil, and butter. It can be made with eggs or without them using baking powder. Then graceful pearls of pomegranate are added to the mix, and its seeds give it a slight bite. It is a must try during the winter.

8) Grape Rabdi
Rabdi, the elegantly thickened milk drink, can be made into many forms, including different types of ingredients. One such ingredient is grapes. The harmony between grape and rabdi plays a melodious euphony that leaves a long-lasting mark in the brain. The juicy grapes are simmered slowly in creamy rabdi, creating a warm and comforting winter dessert that should be on your list of indispensable winter delish to try.