From Pasta To Croissant: Add A Desi Twist To These Global Favourites
Image Credit: Desi Pasta / Pic- Facebook-Fooodiebyheart

While many people swear by specific recipes and styles of cooking a particular dish, there is actually no ‘only’ way of making a food item. There is always room for change and experimentation. Across countries and cultures, there are myriad ways of bringing together even the most basic ingredients to cook up a storm. This is why there is a cuisine especially allotted to the fusion category.

While there are tons of professional fusion food making tips, the fact remains that you might have already done so many fusion style food items in your own kitchen without realising it.

And these innovations seem to work better since they give a taste of both traditional and authentic preparations. Here are five global food items that have become more popular, thanks to the Indian touch.


When at home, you do not stir up alfredo or pesto. Instead, you make pasta that suits your mood. The reason behind the popularity of pasta is that it is easily palatable and can be combined with hordes of Indian ingredients. Desi pasta has the basic pasta and the usual cheese to garnish with. However, seasoning and tempering this with desi ingredients can enhance the taste notches higher. Red chilli powder, jeera, dhania and garam masala powders amp up the flavours before you add processed cheese on top.

Bread Rolls

Take bread and flatten it after removing the sides. Add cheese, sauce, laced sweet corn, some bay corn chunks or even a stirred fried veggies mix inside. Keep the seasoning Italian and top it up with roasted Indian spices and lime. This is an innovation that satiates your taste and also fills your stomach. Make sure you innovate cleverly to combine both desi and non-Indian flavours.


While the original concept of baking the pizza base and the addition of cheese remain intact, topping up the pizza with tikka-style paneer or chicken are the desi twists given to it. When the masalas work in unison with the cheesy flavours of the Italian pizza, you get to eat a match made in heaven. You can even use your usual chicken or paneer gravies as a pizza topping. Bake it slightly more than usual and see how the magic unfolds.

Rice Dishes

Use leftover rice to stir up a Mexican rice wrap. Take the leftover rice and add veggies, red beans and corn to it. You can also add chicken if you are non-vegetarian. Add desi spices and finish it off with some lime juice. Make a wrap with any sauce to your liking, some cheese shreds and carefully fold the rice in it to make a quick Mexican wrap.


A croissant needn’t be so French after all. You can use Indian stuffing, as you do for gujiyas on Holi. You cannot go wrong with dry fruits. A desi twist to an internationally favourite food item.

As long as you can balance varied flavours from across regions, you are free to innovate to just about any level. Be creative and cook innovative dishes that you never thought would be possible.

Satarupa B Kaur has been writing professionally for a decade. Always on the go, she loves to travel, read books and enjoy playtime with her toddler, as she explores new places and food.