From Parsnips To Radish, 6 Root Vegetables To Eat This Winter
Image Credit: Freepik

Root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, turnips and many others are versatile winter delicacies cooked in different forms, such as boiled or stir-fried, in every Indian household. There are lots of vegetables you can use to enhance the taste of winter dishes. From salads to different kinds of curries, root vegetables are famously used as a staple. 

The flavour of carrots is known to everyone as sweet with different spices, and the flavour of turnip has a kick to it similar to radish. Sweet potatoes are very earthy and sweet, different from potatoes, while parsnips have a chalky flavour. The different tastes of different root vegetables uniquely diversify the cuisines you have during the season.

A true identification of root vegetables is that they can be diversified into various dishes, and they will taste different every time. Take a look at various root vegetables that enhance the colour and flavours on our dinner table, making a heartwarming winter dish. Explore different dishes, different flavours, and different spices with the same vegetable. 

1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are very common for people to consume in winter, roasted in a wooden fire. Sweet potato is a very versatile vegetable which can be prepared to make sweet potato cookies or curries according to your choice. The flavours are very earthy and incredible for one to taste. Packed with vitamins and fibre, sweet potatoes offer a naturally sweet flavour and a soothing flavour in different dishes. 

2. Beets

Vibrant and earthy beets are a taste rollercoaster. They are often eaten with salads or made into a smoothie for nutritional benefits. The vibrant colour of beet makes it delightful to add as a garnish in different dishes such as chaat and raj kachori. One can also explore pickles made with beetroot or can have a beetroot sandwich according to their preference. The taste is beautiful and the texture is crunchy in salads and pillowy in curries. 

3. Turnips

If you love a spicy and savoury taste in vegetables similar to radish, then make sure to try out turnips. Turnips are first boiled before adding them into curries and salad. It has a purple-white colour, which makes it a very pretty vegetable, too. With a slightly peppery taste, turnips are a low-calorie root vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. They can be enjoyed roasted, mashed, or added to soups.

4. Parsnips

Similar in appearance to carrots but with a sweeter taste, parsnips are high in fibre and provide a range of essential nutrients. The taste is very earthy and sweet. It is mostly used for different kinds of curries and can also be used as a filling to paratha. Parsnips are a very delightful and uncommon vegetable to devour with different kinds of spices added to it for curry dishes, or it can also be eaten as in salad after boiling it. 

5. Radishes

Radishes after carrots are very popular among Indian dishes, and you can add a ginger kick to your curries and salad by adding it. It can also be fermented and spiced into pickles, similar to kimchi. Radishes are Asian favourites added to any dish or can be made as a soup. Crisp and peppery radishes are a refreshing addition to winter salads too.

6. Elephant Yam

Oal aka elephant yam is locally grown in different parts of India, such as Jharkhand and West Bengal. Different kinds of Oal can be eaten during winter as a beautiful curry. Oals are sticky to eat with a soft potato flavour. The blend of Indian spices goes perfectly with oal to enhance the taste and make a wonderful curry in winter. It can also be garnished with lots of garlic and tamarind chutney to enhance the taste.