From Pancakes To Pastry: 7 Easy Nutella Snacks For Late-Night
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Nutella is more than just a breakfast spread, it can serve as a star ingredient to craft many delectables perfect to satisfy late-night cravings. With its nutty indulgence and sweet hazelnut flavour, it can be converted into many easy dessert recipes quickly.

With the smooth and velvety texture and hints of cocoa, everything you make with it is an instant hit. Nutella snacks are the ultimate solution when you've got a hankering for something sweet late at night. Instead of just spreading it over bread or eating it with cookies, there are other recipes like cupcakes, brownies and much more that can be made easily and offer delightful satisfaction to the tastebuds.

 So, grab your spoon and get ready to whip up some late-night desserts with Nutella!

7 Nutella Snacks For Late-Night Satisfaction

1) Nutella Mini Pancakes

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Mini pancakes are the easiest to make when you don't need to pay extra attention to make the perfect round shape. With only 3 ingredients — eggs, Nutella, and flour — these pancakes can be made within 15 minutes. You can either fill nutella in the pancake or you can spread it over.

2) Nutella Milkshake

What can be better than a cooling and refreshing drink that gives a soothing relief from hunger? That's exactly how a Nutella milkshake feels! The satisfaction that comes From chocolatey Nutella melded in chilled milk. All you need to do is just blend the desired amount of Nutella in milk with some ice and it's ready to drink.

3) Nutella Brownies

The gooey goodness of nutty brownies fills the taste buds with an amusing joy. This is one of the favourite recipes For Nutella lovers across the world that perfectly captures the nutty and chocolate flavour. This recipe is also incredibly easy to make late at night.

4) Nutella Bread Rolls

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Spreading nutella on bread just gets funkier with this recipe. After you've spread Nutella on bread, just roll it up and secure it with a toothpick. Then cover the rolls with batter and breadcrumbs and air fry to perfection. With a crunchy outside and gooey inside, it gives you a cafe-like treat right at your home.

5) Nutella Buns

When you break these buns, gooey Nutella gushes out from the centre, delighting you with just the looks of it. It will almost remind you of the tempting and irresistible chocolate fountain waiting for you to devour it in one bite. This treat gets much healthier with whole wheat flour.

6) Nutella Puff Pastry

If you have puff pastry dough in your fridge, it is a perfect time to use it for making some flaky nutella puff pastry at home. Once you make your puff pastry with nutella, you'll want to make it again and again! No matter where you shape it like a roll or a croissant, it will taste equally good.

7) Nutella Quesadilla

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Simply spreading nutella over tortilla Wraps or roti and rolling it in the desired shape, you can make a quick sweet quesadilla in no time. Don't shy away from adding some fruits and nuts if you like. Also, drizzle some honey for more flavour.

These easy nutella recipes come together in less than 15 minutes. So, the next time you wake up from sleep in the middle of the night and have a craving for nutella, make it fun with these delicious treats.