Top 5 Innovative Ways To Use Whey Protein

When weight-loss regimes and stringent diet plans necessitate an increase in the amount of daily protein intake, consuming the required levels might prove difficult due to the feeling of satiety induced by natural protein-rich substances like eggs, chicken, dals, and pulses. Besides, breakfast and afternoon tea are two of those meals when the urge to have something snacky and tasty is too much to resist. At such times, healthier, lower-oil, no-sugar snack options are a good way to keep calories in check. But these might not have an adequate amount of protein to fulfil the daily count.

Whey protein is a supplement popularly used to boost muscle protein synthesis and muscle recovery post-workouts to essentially enhance the growth of lean muscle. Whey powder is extracted from split milk, the byproduct seprated from casein which is used to make cheese. 

Of the different kinds of whey protein powders, the whey protein concentrate contains 70% to 80% protein with some amount of lactose and fat and promises good flavour. Isolate whey on the other hand is a more refined form with 90% protein but less of lactose and fat. With reduced amount of nutrients than the concentrate, isolate is really beneficial only for those with high lactose intolerance. Hydrolysed whey or hydrolysate is used often by athletes because this predigested protein absorbs faster and causes a greater spike in insulin levels than isolate whey helping them boost energy.

Having a healthy amount of protein not only aids weight loss but is also important for increasing nitrogen content in the body, which promotes growth and the absorption of essential minerals like iron and calcium. And while natural whole foods are good protein sources, there is no harm in increasing protein intake by turning some otherwise high-calorific goodies into protein-rich delicacies. These make use of whey powder, which quickly adds to the protein count without having to mix it in water every time post-workout. Check out below some interesting, delicious, and healthy dishes that use whey protein powder:

Banana Protein Pancakes

Add these to the weekly breakfast meal plan because they are easy to make and extremely nutritious. Using bananas, eggs, whey protein powder, and some oats, these pancakes completely do away with refined sugar and flour to become a healthy, protein-rich recipe. Blending the ingredients together ensures that the batter becomes smooth and airy.

Whey Protein French Toast 

Another breakfast alternative, this dish follows a classic French toast recipe with the addition of protein powder to the mixture of egg whites. Sugar can be replaced with a plant-based sweetener like stevia. To be had with freshly chopped fruits, this French toast is an indulgent yet fairly healthy option prepared with whey powder.

Coconut Whey Protein Balls

These quick-to-make and tasty protein balls are great for a late-evening or afternoon snack. They are also good options to carry to the office in tiffin and munch on while working. Bananas or dates can be used with whey and desiccated coconut, mixing them together and rolling the dough into small, bite-size balls. Freeze the whey protein balls for some time to make sure they set well.

Whey Protein Ice Cream

Very quick and easy to make, this ice cream requires mixing together the preferred flavour of protein powder with curd and milk. Combining all the ingredients in a food processor, simply freeze them after they acquire a smooth consistency. Scoop out this ice cream to revel in its guilt-free, healthy goodness.

Whey Protein Cheesecake

This is a delicious substitute for an otherwise creamy and sugary cheesecake, entirely free of sugar and the biscuity crust. Made from rolled oats, whey protein, eggs, and Greek yoghurt, it is a healthy dessert alternative for those sweet cravings. Garnishing it with berries will also ensure an intake of the required fruits and their antioxidant properties.