From Manchow Soup To Gobi Manchurian: Indian-Chinese Dishes You Must Try
Image Credit: iStock, Manchow soup has a thick consistency and is served topped with crispy fried noodles.

Fondly called Indo-Chinese food, Indian Chinese cuisine has an interesting history behind it. Nelson Wang, a restaurateur of Chinese descent, invented chicken manchurian, which is now widely reproduced with gobi and other ingredients like baby corn. Wang established the restaurant China Garden in Mumbai and, on the request of a customer who wanted to try “something different”, ended up creating chicken manchurian. The dish spread across the country and resulted in one of the cuisine’s most popular offerings: gobi manchurian. 

The cuisine has evolved and grown to include many other dishes that are favourites with a glass of cold beer. We list some Indian-Chinese dishes that you must try:

Manchow soup

Manchow is a spicy soup made with vegetables, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and chillies. While hot and sour soup is a common fixture at most Chinese restaurants, manchow soup is exclusively Indian-Chinese. Manchow soup has a thick consistency and is served topped with crispy fried noodles.

Chilli chicken

Chilli chicken has Hakka Chinese origins and is a dish made with boneless chicken that’s either served dry or with gravy. To make chilli chicken, batter fried chicken is tossed in a spicy sauce along with other ingredients like peppers and onions. The dish goes well with fried rice and noodles, or may be eaten on its own as an appetiser.

Chilli garlic noodles

A spicier version of regular noodles, chilli garlic noodles are made by cooking noodles in spicy, garlicky sauces. The dish also uses red chillies that up the spice level. Spring onions may be added to the dish as a garnish. Some cooks add vegetables or meat to the noodles to make them more wholesome. 

Chicken lollipops

India has been credited with the invention of chicken lollipops, which are made by scraping the flesh off the bone of chicken wings and collecting it into folds. This allows those eating to hold the lollipop by the bone and dig into the tender flesh. Chicken lollipops are a common appetiser at Indian-Chinese restaurants. 

Gobi manchurian

A popular vegetarian dish, gobi manchurian is made by coating cauliflower florets in a batter, deep frying them and then dousing them with a mix of chilli sauce, soy sauce and vinegar. The dish was invented as a vegetarian alternative to chicken manchurian, which was created by Nelson Wang in Mumbai. 

Chilli potatoes

Probably the most loved Indian-Chinese appetiser, chilli potatoes are made by coating batter-fried French fries in spicy sauces and tossing them with onions and peppers. The dish may also sometimes use honey to make it sweet and spicy. Sesame seeds are sprinkled on top to add some texture.