From Largest Bhatura To Longest Dosa, 5 Indian Food Records
Image Credit: Leonardo Olive Oil holds the record for the world's largest bhatura.

India's vast and vibrant culinary landscape has given rise to a multitude of extraordinary food records that showcase the ingenuity and dedication of the nation's culinary experts. From colossal sweet treats to record-breaking savoury dishes, these feats are a testament to the limitless possibilities of Indian cuisine. Join us as we embark on a culinary odyssey through some of the most remarkable Indian food records that will leave you in awe.

1. The Largest Jalebi

Fried in a specially fabricated kadhai, a 12.8-foot jalebi weighing around 80 kg was prepared as a promotional event for an Indian TV show. Zee TV's Mithai, adopted from a Bengali show (of the same name), revolves around a woman who enters a family of rich sweetmakers through her sheer love for various Indian desserts. To commemorate the launch of the Hindi show, Zee TV made the world's largest jalebi on the streets of Mumbai. This feat took 24 hours to finish and the efforts of 10 chefs from the Mumbai restaurant Rabdi Wala along with the show's lead actress Debattama Saha.

2. The Longest Dosa

In 2014, a team of 60 chefs in Chennai, India, created the world's longest dosa, measuring an impressive 48.25 feet in length. The event was organised by the Sankalp Group, and the dosa was in due course shared with the needy.

3. The Largest Imarti

Mumbai's saatvik food restaurant Sanskriti broke the Guinness World Record for the largest imarti (a sweetmeat) in the world. With support from celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Sanskriti created a 37 kg imarti with an average nine feet diameter. A team of 12 people, headed by Gaurav Chaturvedi, took three hours and 48 minutes to make it. 

4. The Largest Bhatura

Leonardo Olive Oil created a Limca Record by cooking India's largest bhatura at an event hosted in Delhi. The bhatura measured 4 feet 2 inches in diameter. This record-breaking attempt aimed to challenge the mindset that bhaturas, which are symbolic of indulgence, are as unhealthy as they are thought to be. 

5. The Largest Serving Of Biriyani

In 2008, a team of chefs in New Delhi, India, prepared the world's largest serving of biryani, weighing a staggering 13,000 kg. The biryani was made with 2,993 kg of rice, 3,649 kg of vegetables, and 6,000 litres of water along with 10 kg of spices and condiments. It was later distributed among the underprivileged in Delhi

These extraordinary Indian food records not only highlight the skill and creativity of the country's culinary experts but also demonstrate their commitment to sharing these remarkable achievements with the local community. These records serve as an inspiration for future culinary endeavours and encourage us to push the boundaries of what is possible in the infinite world of gastronomy. As we continue to explore and appreciate the culinary wonders that India has to offer, let us celebrate the achievements of those who have dared to dream big and create unforgettable, record-breaking culinary experiences.