From Langar Ka Prasad to Kulfa, Things To Try in Amritsar

Without any doubt, we can say that Punjabis are true gourmets and to them, food is literally everything. Many people have food to live on while Punjabis live to have food and Amritsar is proof of what we are saying. Home to the iconic Golden Temple in the country, Amritsar is also a hub for the best food in the world and we cannot disagree on this. When we talk of Amritsar, it is hard to not mention food. Be it socializing, prayers, festivals, everything has food. You just name a dish and you can find it in Amritsar. Let us tell you about the food that you should definitely taste when in Amritsar.

Langar Ka Prashad

When in Amritsar, start with the golden temple which is the pride of not only Amritsar but the entire country. It is advisable to visit the golden temple in morning when the Guru Granth Sahib is brought to the inner sanctum. After offering the prayers, you can head over to the langar at the temple. Did you know the langar in the golden temple is the largest free kitchen in the world? Here, many volunteers cook and serve simple dal, roti, sabzi, and kheer to a large number of people every single day. Don’t miss to have the kada prashad as every bite of this ghee-laden delicacy reaches out to the heart.

Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsar is not only synonymous with food but also kulcha. And believe me, you cannot miss having kulchas when in Amritsar. There are many eateries selling this amazingly delicious butter-drenched maida breads baked in tandoor with a stuffing of potato, paneer, and other vegetables.

Keema Kulcha

Now for meat lovers, we have a non-vegetarian version of kulcha available at Friends Dhaba of Queens Road in Amritsar. This place is a heaven for meat lovers as they can find keema naan served with gravy and lots and lots of butter. Having a crispy exterior and spicy interior, this keema kulcha is simply a delight. It is a must-try for all especially meat lovers. 

Kharode Ka Shorba

Kharode ka Shorba or lamb trotter soup is something that you will not easily love but those who have been loving paya for long time, must try kharode ka Shorba commonly sold at Hathi Gate. The kharode ka shorba is very popular among local people because it is full of garam masala, chili, lentil leaves, and of course paya. It is often paired with keema parantha and butter. 


While spending a day in Amritsar, you cannot miss having a glass full of lassi. There are many places in the city that serve you the thickest and the creamiest lassi which will take you to the foodie land. The lassi here is so thick that you cannot drink it but you have to scoop it out. You must not forget to have a lassi in Amritsar otherwise your journey will be considered incomplete. 


You all may have heard of kulfi but definitely not kulfa. Now, what is kulfa? Kulfa is actually an Amritsari version of kulfi. This is a sort of ice cream topped with falooda and is very rich in taste. Make sure you try this Amritsari version of kulfa when in the city.

Let us know if you had all these dishes in Amritsar and tell us which dish you liked the most!