It's finally that time of the year to snuggle in a warm comforter with a cup of chai while listening to 90s Bollywood mush. Winters are finally here and we know you can’t wait to savour the winter delicacies. From wholesome, filling breakfasts to a comforting dinner at night, your winter menu must be ready by now. But have you thought about evening snacks? Oh, we know the typical deep-fried Indian snacks are stacked in your cupboard already and pakoras can be ready in just fifteen minutes. But have you thought about the days when you Dil Maange something Desi but your tummy wants something light? For such days, we have four Indian biscuits that you can add to your winter tea-time snacks menu. Try them this winter to indulge in some delicious yet light deliciousness.


A popular Indian cookie, Naankhatai is a rich, flavourful and delicious Indian shortbread cookie that is widely savoured in most parts of the country. The cookie is believed to have originated in Surat in the 19th century and has been a favourite since then. You can either bake or buy these cookies to munch them down along with your winter evening chai.

Irani Biscuits

A Mughlai version of Naankhatai, Irani biscuits too owe their origin to Gujarat. The Gujarati businessmen tweaked Naankhatai by adding more ghee and butter to increase its fluffiness and sold them by the name- ‘Irani Biscuits’.

Khari Biscuits

A puff pastry biscuit that has been an evergreen accompaniment of chai in many parts of India, Khari biscuit is buttery and delicious with an interesting texture. The flaky biscuits are perfect to savour during winter evenings and are a specialty in India.

Jeera Biscuits

A personal favourite, Jeera Biscuits are mildly sweet with a savoury touch to satisfy your palate perfectly. Enriched with cumin flavour, Jeera biscuits are delicious with a melt-in-mouth texture.

Are you still waiting? Go, add these biscuits to your winter menu now!