From Kadhi Pakoda To Alsi Ki Pinni: 8 Popular Haryanvi Dishes
Image Credit: Haryanvis love their kadhi pakora.

Originally a part of Punjab, Haryana became independent in 1966. The fertile land has given rise to an abundance of local agricultural produce, which is used to prepare dishes that range from vegetables and lentils to spicy flatbreads and sweet rice. The use of meat is limited and most preparations are vegetarian. Few restaurants serve Haryanvi food; it can be found mostly in homes and also at dhabas. Here are 8 popular Haryanvi dishes that you must try: 

Ker sangri

Although ker sangri is a popular Rajasthani dish, it is associated with Haryana too. The dish consists of dried beans that are soaked in turmeric water overnight and then boiled in salted water, before being cooked with spices like amchoor, red chilli powder, coriander powder and garam masala. Sometimes, yogurt is also added to the dish. 

Kadhi pakoda

Made with buttermilk, kadhi is a simple, plain curry that goes well with rice. Add pakoras to it and it becomes a Haryanvi favourite. In Haryana, fritters made with gram flour are added to kadhi to give it another texture and make it more filling. It is a dish that graces not just tables at home but also at dhabas. 

Mixed dal

Dal is eaten in abundance in Haryana and mixed dal is a mixture of multiple types of lentils, including chana dal, toor dal, masoor dal and moong dal. It’s a healthy, nutrient-rich dish that can be found in Haryanvi households as well as at restaurants. Mixed dal tastes best when prepared using desi ghee and may be eaten with rice or rotis. 

Kachri chutney

Kachri is a vegetable found in Haryana. It is essentially a wild variety of cucumber that used to make chutney along with onion, garlic and spices. If stored well, kachri chutney has a long shelf life. This is another dish that’s popular in both Rajasthan and Haryana. Every Haryanvi thali served kachri chutney as a part of it. 

Meethe chawal

To make meethe chawal, basmati rice is cooked with ghee and sugar. Cardamom is added for aroma and taste, and saffron to give the dish a bright colour. Meethe chawal are mainly prepared during the festival Vasant Panchami and may also be served at occasions like weddings. It is especially a favourite with kids. 

Besan masala roti 

Made with besan, wheat flour, spices and ghee, besan masala roti is a traditional flatbread that’s eaten with different kinds of curries. Amchoor gives besan masala roti its characteristic taste. Besides curries, it may also be eaten with plain yogurt, raita or pickles. Besan masala roti is an important part of Haryanvi cuisine. 

Bajara aloo roti

Bajara aloo roti is specifically prepared during the winter months as it’s warming. The dough for the roti is made by mixing bajara with mashed potatoes and spices. Bajara aloo roti is so tasty that it may be enjoyed on its own, or with yogurt, pickles or sabzi. 

Alsi ki pinni

Alsi (flax seeds) ki pinni is a traditional Haryanvi dessert that’s made by cooking flax seeds with wheat flour, sugar, ghee, dried fruits and cardamom powder. The resulting mixture is rolled into balls and served as a kind of laddoo. It’s a healthy dessert, as flax seeds are rich in nutrients like fibre and omega 3.