5 Nutritious Laddoos To Relish This Winter Season

Along with chilly breezes and cold weather, winter also brings a lot of seasonal illnesses like colds and cough. This is the time of year when everyone needs to take extra care of their health and focus on boosting immunity. Your daily meal plays a very crucial role in protecting you against winter diseases. 

Soups, teas, haldi doodh, seasonal fruits, leafy greens, and root vegetables are some popular choices to stay healthy this season. When it comes to desserts, gajar ka halwa, moong dal halwa, gajak, and jalebi are widely enjoyed across India during the winter. But did you know your favourite mithai, laddoo, can also boost your immunity and protect you against seasonal illnesses? 

From gondh to til, here are five healthy laddoos to add to your winter diet: 

Gondh ke Laddoo

Gondh ke laddoo needs no introduction in India. It is made using gond (edible gum), whole wheat flour, makhana, chironji, and lots of dry fruits and nuts. This treat is very popular in North Indian states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat. The healthy dessert-cum-snack can be stored for more than a month. 

Dry Fruits Laddoo 

This is a great way to add dry fruits to your daily diet. Easy to prepare, it is healthy, tasty, and super-quick to prepare. These energy balls can also become an amazing snack during the winter season. It is prepared by combining dry fruits and nuts such as almonds, pistachios, dates, dried apricots, cashews, and figs, along with coconut, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. 

Dates-Anjeer Laddoo

This wholesome dessert can be a great addition to your winter diet. Loaded with the goodness of dates and figs, it is also suitable for diabetic people. This guilt-free indulgence is prepared with almonds, cashews, pistachios, dates, anjeer, and honey. These sugar-free treats can be good for up to a month when stored properly in the refrigerator. 

Til Laddoo

Til or sesame seeds are an integral part of the winter diet in India. It is mostly enjoyed as chikki. But you can also prepare delicious laddoos with these healthy seeds. Made with til and jaggery as the primary ingredients, til laddoo can also be flavoured with desiccated coconut and cardamom powder.

Panjiri Laddoo

Panjiri laddoo is an extremely healthy dessert that is loaded with various essential nutrients. The rich and delicious flavour of this treat has made it popular all across the country. The main ingredients for making this laddoo are whole wheat flour, ghee, and sugar. It is also loaded with various nuts and seeds to make the laddoo healthier and tastier.