Explore 16 Most Authentic Street Foods Of India
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If you are in India and want to try out different cuisines, nothing is better than experimenting with street food. Taking a bite from your favourite chaat, gol gappe, or tikki, you will be hit with a wave of flavours ranging from sweet and spicy to tangy. Some foods may easily dissolve in your mouth, while others can leave a crunchy effect. Whatever the texture may be, it will undoubtedly be delectable. 

But do you know what the best part is? Every corner of India provides authentic street food. Each city has a diverse culture, as does the food. For instance, if you are new to any city and want to experience its unique food, hopping to street food must be your ideal plan. Ideally, no tour is complete without indulging in the street-style delicacies that the city has to offer. Be it grilled, made into curries, deep-fried, or eaten cold; the street food stalls are surrounded by swarms of people looking for lip-smacking food.

If you are wondering what the best street food in the Indian states has to offer, we have a solution for you. We have jotted down five states and their popular street foods. Take a look: 


  • Chaat  

We are all familiar with this most popular and distinct street food, which provides a sweet, spicy, and tangy flavour. Moreover, the flavours of chaat available in Delhi remain at the top as compared to chaats all around the world. Be it chaat papdi, aloo chaat, daulat ki chaat, dahi bhalla, or bhalla papdi, these chaats remain the most authentic and popular across Delhi.  

  • Ram Laddoo  

This is not the regular laddoo you can think of. Rather, this Ram Laddoo is one of the most popular street foods in Delhi. This street snack consists of chana dal and moong dal pakodas, served with grated raddish and spicy green chutney. 


  • Bombay Sandwich  

As the name suggests, this sandwich has its origins in the city of dreams. It is made up of simple ingredients like layers of cucumber, onion, and tomato. They are spread over white bread, which is also topped with colourful herb chutney. The sandwiches are roasted until golden brown. The specialty leads to the oozing molten cheese in the centre.

  • Vada Pav  

One of the most popular street food snacks in Mumbai is vada pav. Mumbaikars love the buttery soft pav buns stuffed with a crispy Aloo Bonda. The vada pav is accompanied by spicy garlic, mint, and peanut chutney.  


  • Kathi Roll  

Kathi roll in Kolkata happened to originate during British rule. The food has royally maintained its legacy, and Kolkatans love it as their evening snacks. Meat rolled up inside flaky parathas with loads of onions and a dash of lemon juice is one of the most popular and fulfilling snacks in Kolkata.  

  • Puchka  

Considered the distant cousin of gol gappes, this spicy, tangy, thirst-quenching street food is Kolkata’s favourite. Made with boiled grams and mashed potatoes as filling, puchka is served with puri dipped into tamarind water made with masalas and lemons. People love the crunchy yet spicy and tangy snack.  


  • Sundal  

To make this, a variety of legumes, including black-eyed peas, green gram, kidney beans, chickpeas, and others, are used. Besides, this snack is spiced up with urad dal and chana dal to give it a kick of flavour.

  • Chicken 65  

This delicious chicken dish originates from Tamil Nadu. Tossed in curry leaves, this simple, spicy, and flavourful snack recipe is loved by all. The dish is crispy and meaty, making it a perfect dish for special occasions. 


  • Bhungara Batata   

This Gujarati street food maintains its legacy year after year. The yellow hollow fryums are known as Bhungara in Gujarat, and these crispy fried snacks are dipped into the lip-smacking potato dish.  

  • · Fafda  

It is a popular Gujarati snack made of gram flour, turmeric, and carom seeds. It is deep-fried and served with flavourful chutney.  


  • Dal Bafla  

If you’re a fan of Rajasthani dal baati, then you’ll love dal bafla. The round baatis, or bafla, are prepared with whole wheat flour, semolina, curd, ghee, and other ingredients. They are served with a generous amount of ghee, a spice, and flavourful daal. This wholesome street food is a winner. 

  • Garadu  

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’ll love the crispy and delectable Garadu from Indore. The fried yams are flavoured with Indian spices and some lime juice, they have a perfect balance of spicy and tangy. This snack is enjoyed, especially in the winter, with a cup of coffee or tea.


  • Mirchi Bajji   

Also known as mirchi bhajji, it is quite a popular street food in Hyderabad. The dish consists of large green chilli peppers stuffed with spiced potato filling, dipped in besan, and fried until crispy. This dish is served with chutney.

  • Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuit

Hyderabad has the culture of Iranian chai at every street food stall corner. Sipping a cup of Iranian chai is a delightful experience. It is a milky tea spiced up with aromatic spices like cardamon and served with Osmania biscuits, a slightly sweet, buttery biscuit named after the last Nizam of Hyderabad.  


  • Thatte Idli  

Meaning ‘Plate-sized idli’ is a speciality of Karnataka and a popular street food in Bangalore. It is a large, thin, and fluffy rice cake served on a banana leaf. They are generally enjoyed with coconut chutney or a variety of vegetable curries.

  • Churmuri

Also known as churumuri, it is a popular snack that is available all across Bangalore. It is a puffed rice snack similar to that of bhel puri. Grated raw veggies like carrots, tomatoes, raw mango and onions, along with fried peanuts, crushed nippat (fried and disc-shaped snack) and kodubale (bangle-shaped fried snack), are topped with a dash of green and sweet tamarind chutney and combined with light and crispy puffed rice to be served with sev on top. It is perfect for that evening hunger pangs and is also vegan and gluten-free.