The Growing Population Of Women Beer Lovers In India

Beer has always been a woman’s best friend, from being brewed in the 1800s for the first time for the Sumerian goddess of beer, Ninkasi, in Mesopotamia, to now, when women are leading the brewing space all over leading brands. Women, by  default are pretty much the experimental type and they are up for trying most flavours be it fruity to spicy to more. And in today’s time when all are health conscious, it’s seen that women prefer beer over hard liquor as it’s said to be low alcohol content and calories, zero to no carbs and fat or cholesterol. And beer being all-natural alcohol; first the bill. Being not made from preservatives, it makes it a much healthier and smarter choice over the rest. The love for beer has seen a considerable growth amongst Indian women. There have been a number of myths around women drinking beer – women’s lack of appetite towards its bitter taste, lifting heavy kegs, getting a beer belly and a lot more. 

This third most popular drink in the world beer, the drinking tendency has seen a much shift especially in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Debunking them all, women have proven to narrate different stories. According to a recent report by UBS (a global research firm), 7.5% of alcohol consumers in India are women, and according to a survey conducted by Community Against Drunken Driving (CADD), the number of women drinking alcohol has increased and is expected to grow by 25% over the next five years. Interestingly, adult women in metro cities in India are binge drinking alcohol and leaning more towards beer.

Women are leaning towards responsible drinking and beer’s low alcohol content is all about promoting that. Not just drinking, but in India, women employed in the beer industry have gradually increased as various roles in brewing, including communications, sales and marketing consultants, brewing process and quality. It’s great to see how women are embracing craft beer trend and are looking for strong, unique flavours for in their glass. In the recent past, a noticeable number of women have been seen and celebrated for ruling the craft beer brewing industry and owning local breweries. This widening number could be because of the health benefits that beer holds against hard liquor. It is low in calories, has zero to no carbs, fat, or cholesterol, and is not made from preservatives but is only processed, making it an all-natural alcohol. Keeping the drink in step with the shift in preference towards a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Also keeping up with the trend a bunch of women brewers from Bangalore “Ladies Who Lager” have come together as Geist has launched one of their beers. These The 6 fiery women brewers came together veer away from traditional notions of “craft beer for women” timed around this time of the year by underscoring that craft beer is for everyone no matter who it's made by.

Whether it’s a chilled pint of beer or a brewed glass, from being a great companion to all types of food to making refreshing cocktails from it, the versatility of beer infuses well with every occasion. And stating the obvious, beer and summer go hand-in-hand. Here's to celebrating the women of India and their love for beer!