From Avocado To Charcoal: 6 Unusual Ice Cream Flavours You Must Try
Image Credit: Instagram/deco_chef. Charcoal ice cream is made by combining heavy cream, sugar, food colouring, mint extract and activated charcoal.

There are few things that compare to the pleasure of eating ice cream on a hot day. While vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are classic ice cream flavours that will never go out of style, other unusual flavours have also become trendy. Most people are used to seeing white, brown and pink ice cream scoops but there are also green, lilac and black ones. We recommend six unusual ice cream flavours that you must try:


Avocado has become a culinary trend in recent years, and avocado ice cream has followed that. Since avocados are rich and velvety in texture, they make the ideal ingredient in ice cream, keeping it soft and smooth. Avocado ice cream can easily be made at home using a food processor. Since avocados are creamy on their own, this ice cream doesn’t need egg yolks. 

Green tea/matcha

Green tea or matcha is a popular ice cream flavour in Japan. It became available in the United States in the 1970s, mainly in Japanese restaurants and markets, and is currently seeing a higher demand. Green tea/matcha ice cream has the characteristic flavour of matcha, which is a powdered form of green tea that the Japanese swear by. 


Lavender has recently begun to have culinary use because of its attractive colour and pleasant aroma. Fresh lavender buds are used in making lavender ice cream, along with water, milk, egg yolks, heavy cream and honey. The resulting ice cream has a delicate floral aroma and taste. It tastes especially good when served with cakes. 


Pandan leaves are widely used for flavouring dishes in Southeast Asia. They may be used to steam ingredients like chicken, or incorporated into desserts like sponge cakes. Pandan leaves give every dish they are used in a distinct green colour, which is very appetising. Pandan ice cream is a recent food trend that has become popular mainly for its colour.

Apple pie

A dessert that’s a favourite with many, apple pie’s flavour is so versatile that it has even inspired ice cream. While apple pie is the ideal fall dessert, apple pie ice cream provides similar satisfaction in the summer. Apple pie ice cream is made with sugar-coated apples, milk, Graham crackers and cinnamon. 


If an ice cream that’s black in colour has you intrigued, give charcoal ice cream a try. It is made by combining heavy cream, sugar, food colouring, mint extract and activated charcoal (it is recommended to not consume more than 100 grams of activated charcoal). Eating charcoal ice cream may leave you with stained lips and teeth.