From Aampora Ice Cream to Aamra Tukda to Mango Souffle it’s Raining Mangoes in Kolkata
Image Credit: Aamra Tukda / Pic-Polo Floatel -

Its’ the season of “king of fruits” the mango and the market is loaded with varieties like Alphonso, Chaunsa, Dashehari, Langra, Himsagar, Langda Totapuri and more. From savoury to sweet to many more, this versatile fruit has been explored in all possible ways. This gorgeous fruit that will last only couple of months it’s good to get the most of it till it last. So, pep up your lunch or dinner table with this fruit and what better way than to indulge in the sweet taste of mangoes. 

Make your summer ultra-delicious with these recipes that has specially shared for our readers. 

Aampora Ice Cream - The Common Room

Nirupama Banerjee, founder and owner of The Common Room says, ‘This ice lolly treat is a quintessential summer dessert. The addition of raw mangoes which is a summer staple, black salt, and cumin gives it a tangy and sweet kick at the same time. This treat is the ultimate cooler to beat the heat and works well as a palate cleanser.’

Mango Souffle/ Pic Dunkel Braun


Ingredients : 

    Alphonso Mangoes pulp

    cream cheese

    fresh cream

    icing sugar

    veg gelatin powder


    First combine icing sugar and fresh cream in a bowl and stir till the consistency is thick. 

    Beat mango pulp in a bowl and mix gelatin powder and a few tbsps of hot water and then beat it once more for a minute. 

    Add in the whipped cream, cream cheese and fold the mixture gently with a spatula. 

    Pour equal quantities of the mixture into a container of your choice and refrigerate for 2 hours or until the souffle sets. 

    Serve chilled, garnished with mango pieces.