Fox-Nut Nutrition: 5 Health Benefits Of Eating Makhana

Lotus seeds makhana health benefits: Makhana or fox nuts is an aquatic crop rich in nutrients. It is well known that roasted makhana seeds are used in food to make namkeen and desserts such as kheer, etc. MAKHANA PROPERTIES: Makhana contains 9.7 per cent easily digested protein, 76 per cent carbohydrates, 12.8 per cent moisture, 0.1 per cent fat, 0.5 per cent mineral salts, 0.9 per cent phosphorus and 1.4 milligrams of iron (add source). In addition to this, calcium, acid and vitamin B are also found in makhana.  

Here are some more benefits of adding makhana to your diet:


Diabetes, defined by high blood sugar levels, is a metabolic disorder. This hinders the function of the pancreas secreting insulin hormones. Makhana is perfect for people with diabetes due to the starch and protein content present in them. 


Makhana is rich in calcium, so its intake is very beneficial for joint pain (especially for patients with arthritis). It also helps get relief from other pains in the body, such as back pain and knee pain. 


Makhana, being an anti-oxidant, is easily digested by people of all age groups. Apart from this, it also has estrogen properties that relieve diarrhoea and helps to improve appetite. 


Makhana also neutralizes the effect of age. Fox nuts help reduce the risk of premature wrinkles, white hair and other signs of ageing. 


Consumption of makhana reduces stress and improves sleep. Insomnia can be overcome by consuming makhana with milk before sleeping at night. The makhana is beneficial for kidney and heart health too. Fox nuts help detoxify the spleen, strengthen the kidneys, and nourish the blood. Also, regular consumption of makhanas removes the weakness of the body and makes it healthy.