Forgotten Dishes From Punjab: Let’s Revive These Gems

It is true that Punjabi food is the epitome of Indian food all across the world. Delicacies rich in ghee, butter, milk, and curd truly defines the beauty of this food in Punjab. There are ample Punjabi dishes that we absolutely love. But there are some dishes that are lost and hardly a few people know about it. 

Though some dishes have started getting recognition and have made it to the menus of some restaurants, thanks to social media, there are still some dishes that are in dire need of attention. These dishes are as good as the famous ones. Let us talk about these dishes that you should try at least once in your life. 


This gravy made up of ginger-garlic was a common dish that was cooked in many Punjabi households. Known for its immunity-boosting benefits, this dish was also considered a perfect remedy for sore throat. This dish has milk or curd which gives it a creamier texture.  

Shikar Da Aachar 

India has a special love for pickles. This non-vegetarian pickle is made up of quail meat, vinegar, mustard oil, and so many other spices. This pickle has lost its significance these days but needs to be revived. Using vinegar is quite essential in this pickle as it helps in increasing the pickle’s shelf life. 

Ganne Wale Chawal 

Also known as raawh wale chaawal in Punjab and rasawal in old Lucknow, this is actually a slow-cooked dish in which rice is cooked on low flame with sugarcane juice and later garnished with nuts. Earlier it was cooked in Lohri celebrations but now has lost its significance.   

Phulkari Pulao 

This rich dish is connected to the regime of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Patiala. Made with curd and khoya, this dish has beautiful spots and thus, resembles Phulkari. When garnished with dry fruits and pomegranate seeds, this dish can show you a really good time.  

Mutton Taka Tak 

There are so many mutton dishes from Punjab that we absolutely love. This is one such mutton delicacy that is absolutely delicious and thus needs the limelight. These crispy mutton cutlets with sprinkled garam masala and whole coriander were commonly sold as street food in Punjab but now have got lost. 

These were some of the lost delicacies from Punjab that need to be back on the table. Let us know which of these dishes have you tried.