Forget Cold Coffee, Try These Mocktail Recipes This Season
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Is cold coffee your go-to drink to beat the heat? We are telling you why you should avoid it. With coffee, you are still taking in the same amount of caffeine that absorbs water in the body leading to dehydration. So instead of cold coffee this summer, try some mocktails. Also, if you are bored of mango shakes and soups, go for these mocktail recipes that'll help keep you energized throughout the day.

Why Are Mocktails Important in Summer?

In summer, mocktails are what everyone needs to drink as they save you from heat stroke and dehydration. Moreover, you do not get tired and always feel fresh throughout the day by drinking these beverages.

Fresh Lime Soda

This is the most effective drink to keep a person energized throughout the day in summer. Sonam Kapoor drinks fresh lime soda every morning to energise herself throughout the day. 


Soda, lemon, mint, salt, brown sugar, basil leaves and rose water will be needed. To make this:

  1. First, take lemon juice in a glass and add brown sugar, salt, 2 teaspoons of rose water, basil leaves and mint leaves. 
  2. Now add ice to this mixture and consume it.

All the sluggishness of the morning will go away with this. 

Mango Punch

All lethargy disappears just by taking the name of mango. That's why Katrina Kaif prefers to drink Mango Punch instead of having breakfast early in the morning. Here's how you can also make it at home.


To make this:

  1. Take mango, basil leaves and brown sugar.
  2. Grind all these things together in a mixer. You can also add Rooh-Afza to it for a different taste.
  3. Then, drink it to refresh your taste buds, along with your mind.

Cucumber Lemonade

Cucumber contains water and is readily available everywhere in summer. Actress Sonakshi Sinha prefers to drink Cucumber Lemonade to keep herself fresh in the summers as it has no extra fat and sugar. So then, what is the delay? Start drinking this lemonade from today itself and keep yourself healthy. 


To make Cucumber Lemonade, take lemon juice, sugar, fresh mint leaves and water. To make this mocktail:

  1. First, cut the cucumber and grind it in a mixer by mixing mint leaves, lemon juice, sugar and black salt. 
  2. Your Cucumber Lemonade is ready to be served.

Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon is one such fruit containing fibre and antioxidants providing freshness to the body. Moreover, its watery content due does not cause dehydration in summer.


  1. First, grind the pieces of watermelon in a mixer. 
  2. Then add lemon juice and mint leaves to it. 
  3. Now add brown sugar to it to sweeten it. 
  4. Now take it out in a glass, pour ice and drink it.

Consume these four types of mocktails in summer and stay healthy.