For High Dose Of Protein Make Some Kala Chana Recipes

People all around the country have their own special methods of enjoying chana, which has long been an important component of our cuisine. Every Indian household uses black chana as a basic component for curries and other side dishes. Because it is so high in proteins, fibre, and carbohydrates, it is a great supplement to your regular diet. The demand for black chana is increasing, and more than 50 countries now grow it, with India being the main producer. Turkey, Pakistan, Australia, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Canada, Mexico, and the United States are additional big producers of chickpeas. Bengal gram and garbanzo beans are two additional common names for black chana. Due to its possible uses, black chana can be used for purposes other than as a curry or food ingredient. 

If your family is sick of the same kala chana dish made in gravy, this piece will be helpful. If a vegetarian needs more protein in their diet, Kala Chana, or black chickpeas, are a great complement. Kala chana has a high fibre content and a low glycemic index. Kala chana is a very adaptable bean to cook with and is frequently used in Indian and middle eastern cuisines. 

1) Kala Chana Chaat 

The dish "kale Chane ki chaat" is excellent for breakfast. Of course, you'll need some boiled kala chanas for this. A good squeeze of lemon, some sliced onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, and bhuna jeera. All that is required is to prepare a nutritious breakfast. These breakfast items will keep the whole family in shape even after the quarantine. A small bowl of kala chana chaat also has a high satiety value that will keep you satisfied for a longer period of time. 

2) Kala Chana Shorba 

Among the healthiest ways to eat these beans is definitely in kale chane ka shorba. With chopped tomatoes, onions, and garlic, soaked kala chanas are pressure cooked. Put it in a blender and pulse it lightly. Enjoy while straining. Skip the staining process if you prefer chunky soups. With salt and pepper, season the shorba. Juice from a lemon should be added. It's unexpectedly excellent, as you will discover. If you want to eat this soup for dinner, pair it with some hot, buttered toast. 

3) Kala Chana Kebab 

Have any Kala Chana Gravy left over? Prepare them as kebabs. The first step is to completely dry up the gravy. Use a mixer to blend it into a paste. To bring it all together, add two to three slices of bread. Adapt the seasoning to your preferences. Make little flat kebabs, and then grill them on a tawa until both sides have a crunchy crust. Serve them with onion rings, a spicy mint chutney, and thin small paranthas .  

4) Kale Chane Ki Biryani 

Seriously, we were just as eager to try this one out as you are. a hearty onion and tomato masala prepared with boiled kala chana and khada masalas. Let the chanas absorb all the juices and spices in this mixture by simmering it for a while. Alternately, combine this vegetable mixture with parboiled rice and simmer on dum for 10 to 15 minutes before serving. Add some fried onions as a garnish. So give this recipe a try if you want to prepare something special.  

5) Tadka Kala Chana 

A tadka kala chana is among the simplest and quickest methods to consume these beneficial legumes. A quick and simple kala chana dish can be made in a wok with hot oil, some jeera, ginger juliennes, and spices like amchur (dry mango powder) and coriander powder. They go well with hot, puffy puris and paranthas. The fact that this dish just needs a few ingredients is a major plus.