5 Foods That Are Unsuitable For Refrigeration
Image Credit: Freepik.com

Do you know when I love my fridge the most? When I have to stockpile my ice cream, chocolates and that last slice of pizza. When my refrigerator and freezer help me hide my stuff from my sister, it's not less than a miracle for me. But guys, some foods might disagree with me. Read on to know about items that aren't appropriate for refrigeration. Even if you have done so, it is not right to keep them for more than one day.

Raw Potatoes

Whether they are peeled or not, it is not right to keep raw potatoes in the refrigerator because:

  1. Cold temperatures change their starchy taste and cause the potatoes to turn sweet.
  2. If peeled potatoes are kept in the fridge, they will oxidise.
  3. Storing them in the refrigerator will also change their texture.
  4. The proper way to store potatoes: Please keep them in a ventilated basket while avoiding direct sunlight.


Many people keep the whole watermelon in the fridge, but it can cause many problems like:

  1. Change of taste.
  2. Destroys healthy antioxidants.
  3. Can become acidic (if store cut)
  4. The correct way to store melons is to put them in water or keep them in the fridge (in an airtight container) for one day. But keep in mind that their taste will surely change.


Because of honey’s high sugar content, you should never store it in the refrigerator.

  1. When honey is stored in the refrigerator, it hardens and crystallises.
  2. Its taste doesn't remain the same.
  3. The correct way to store honey: First, keep honey at room temperature only. If you have mistakenly stored it in the fridge and frozen it, then put it in lukewarm water.

Canned Foods

Rasgulla, berries, olives, milkmaid etc., come in a can and many times, we store it in the fridge, then the metal starts reacting. 

  1. Metallic taste is formed in such food with the release of various acids.
  2. After the can is opened, the food is no longer as tasty as it should be.
  3. The proper way to store canned food is to keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Raw Banana

If you keep a raw banana in the fridge, it will either turn black or won't ripe. Do you know why? Because bananas ripen for several days at room temperature.

  1. Keeping it in the fridge changes the ethylene content on the banana skin, turning it black.
  2. The right way to store raw bananas is to keep them in a ventilated basket and disallow direct sunlight.