7 Foods And Drinks To Prevent Sunstroke
Image Credit: How To Prevent Sunstroke (pexels.com)

Home remedies to reduce sunstroke's effect: Sunstroke is expected in summer! The deficiency of water in the body is the biggest reason for heatstroke. Therefore, one should stay hydrated by drinking more and more water in the scorching summer season. Before venturing out of the house, special precautions are necessary to avoid the summer heatwave. Protection of particular body parts like eyes, ears, and nose is essential to prevent heatstroke. But do you know several things that can be used in your house to avoid this? Yes, home remedies are very effective in preventing heatstroke. This article will share some fantastic foods and beverages to avoid sunstroke.

Foods and drinks to avoid sunstroke 

  1. Soak coriander in water, then mash it well and sieve. Now mix some sugar and drink it. 
  2. Aam Panna is a popular summer staple that is loved across age groups. Made by blending raw mango and spices, this can be a great way to beat the summer heat. 
  3. Grind tamarind seeds, dissolve them in water and filter them with a cloth. 'Loo' can be avoided by drinking sugar mixed with this water. 
  4. Raw onion is also helpful in protecting against heat. You can eat raw onion salad with your meal. 
  5. During the summer season, hydrating water-based foods such as watermelon, cucumber etc., should be eaten. Apart from this, taking fruit juice is also beneficial. 
  6. Do you feel tired or lethargic in the summers? Mix glucose in water; this gives instant energy to your body. 
  7. Vine or lemon sorbet can also be consumed to avoid sunstroke. It fulfils the water deficiency in your body. 

Takeaway tips to prevent heatstroke 

  1. Always keep a water bottle with you before going out. 
  2. Avoid going out in the sun. If necessary, then carry an umbrella. 
  3. Wear clothes covering the entire body (before venturing into the sun). Wear white or light-coloured clothes, besides cotton garments, as they absorb heat.