8 Cities With The Best Street Food Scenes In India

India, with its rich tapestry of cultures and cuisines, is a true paradise for food lovers. While Indian cuisine is celebrated globally, it is on the vibrant streets of its cities that one truly experiences the diverse and tantalizing flavours the country has to offer. 

From aromatic spices to mouthwatering snacks, each city in India boasts its own unique street food scene. In this article, we take a culinary journey through eight cities that stand out as foodie havens, offering some of the best street food experiences in India.

Delhi - The Capital of Chaat

Delhi, the bustling capital city, is a food lover's dream. Renowned for its vibrant street food culture, Delhi serves up an array of savoury and tangy chaat (snacks). From the iconic golgappa (pani puri) to the delectable dahi puri (yogurt-filled crispy puris), Delhi's chaat scene is a sensory delight. Don't miss the famous chole bhature (spiced chickpeas with fried bread) and the spicy aloo tikki (potato patties) that have earned a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of locals and visitors alike.

Mumbai - A Feast for the Senses

Known as the "City of Dreams," Mumbai is also a city of flavours. Its street food offerings range from the humble vada pav (potato fritter sandwich) to the addictive pav bhaji (spicy vegetable curry with buttered buns). The streets of Mumbai come alive with the aroma of freshly grilled kebabs and the sizzle of pav bhaji being prepared on large tawas (griddles). For seafood lovers, Mumbai's beaches are dotted with stalls offering scrumptious fried fish and spicy prawn dishes.

Kolkata - A Journey of Sweets and Spices

Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, has a street food scene that tantalizes both the sweet tooth and the spice lover. Famous for its Kathi rolls, Kolkata serves up a delightful combination of skewered meats or vegetables wrapped in flaky parathas (flatbreads). The city is also renowned for its array of sweets, including the iconic roshogolla (spongy cottage cheese dumplings in syrup) and mishti doi (sweetened yogurt). For a unique savoury experience, indulge in the mouthwatering puchka (a regional variant of golgappa) and the flavourful jhalmuri (spicy puffed rice mixture).

Jaipur - The Royal Street Food Capital

In the colorful city of Jaipur, street food is a royal affair. A visit to Jaipur's bustling bazaars promises a feast of flavours, from the delightful pyaaz ki kachori (onion-filled deep-fried pastry) to the rich and creamy Makhaniya lassi (yogurt-based drink). The quintessential Rajasthani treat, the daal baati churma (lentil curry with baked wheat dumplings and crushed sweetened bread), is a must-try for a taste of the state's traditional cuisine.

Amritsar - Temptations of the Golden City

Amritsar, the spiritual and cultural hub of Punjab, offers a culinary experience like no other. The world-famous Golden Temple draws millions of visitors each year, and the streets surrounding it are lined with shops serving up Amritsari kulcha (stuffed flatbread) and chole (chickpea curry). The city's specialty, the iconic Amritsari fish pakoda, is a favourite among seafood enthusiasts. For dessert, the creamy phirni (rice pudding) and the delectable jalebi (syrup-soaked spirals of fried batter) provide the perfect sweet ending to any meal.

Hyderabad - The Land of Biryani and More

Hyderabad, the land of the Nizams, is a foodie's delight. The city's crown jewel is the aromatic and flavourful Hyderabadi biryani, a dish of fragrant basmati rice and tender meat or vegetables, slow-cooked with an exquisite blend of spices. For a quick snack, try the iconic Osmania biscuits or the spicy and tangy Mirchi Bajji (stuffed chili fritters). End your culinary journey in Hyderabad with the rich and indulgent Qubani ka Meetha (apricot compote) or the delectable Double ka Meetha (bread pudding).

Chennai - South Indian Street Food Extravaganza

Chennai, the coastal city in South India, offers a wide array of delicious and distinct South Indian street food. The streets are alive with the aroma of filter coffee, served in traditional stainless steel tumblers and dabaras (cups). For a savoury treat, try the famous Masala Dosa, a thin crispy pancake filled with a spiced potato mixture, or the fluffy and flavourful idli (steamed rice cakes) served with sambar and chutney. Chennai's streets also boast a variety of vada (fried lentil snacks) and chaat, adding to the city's vibrant street food scene.

Lucknow - A Kebab Lover's Paradise

Known as the "City of Nawabs," Lucknow is a paradise for kebab enthusiasts. The city is famous for its succulent and aromatic kebabs, including the iconic Galouti Kebabs, which are so tender that they melt in your mouth. Lucknow's bustling streets also offer delectable biryanis and flavourful nihari (slow-cooked meat stew). For those with a sweet tooth, Lucknow's traditional desserts like the rich and creamy shahi tukda and the delicate sheer khurma are a must-try.


India's diverse and vibrant street food scenes offer a culinary adventure like no other. From the bustling streets of Delhi with its chaat delights to the royal flavours of Jaipur and the rich kebabs of Lucknow, each city showcases a unique tapestry of tastes and aromas. Embark on a foodie's paradise and savour the melting pot of flavours that make Indian street food a gastronomic journey to remember.