You know, how they say that there is always room for dessert? Even when you are too full, you end taking a bite or two from the dessert plate if not eat all of it. Similarly, there is no right time to eat burgers. Haven’t you seen these popular American burger joints packed right from early morning to late night? People love having burgers at any time of the day it seems. But for Kunal Kemmu, breakfast burgers hit different and we can totally relate. 

A burger maniac like me is always in search of delicious burgers with a juicy patty and lots of cheese. The best part about eating a burger is that it is a one-portion dish and you don’t need to share it with anyone. Kunal Kemmu was caught enjoying a burger for breakfast this morning. He posted a picture of his burger plate on his Instagram story and said, “Breakfast burgers are the best” and we couldn’t agree more. He posted the story at 8:36 a.m. today and here’s what his burger looked like. 

Source: Screengrab Of Instagram Stories/Kunal Kemmu

The bottom half is slathered with lettuce leaves and a cheese slice. As you go up, you notice that there’s a thin patty placed on top of it, followed by sliced tomatoes and some pickles to the set the tone of the dish. Finally, another toasted bun is placed on top and Voila! The burger is ready to dig in. 

Not just one, we can have many more such burgers if you want. Here are a few easy burger recipes to try at home. 

1.  Bear Burger 

A thick, juicy mutton patty sandwiched between two toasted buns is no less than a dream. The cheesy layer melts and meshes well with all the other toppings. Add a dash of lime juice to the patty before shutting down the burger and the delicious treat would be ready. 

2.  Maggi Burger 

Are you a maggi lover too? Then you can combine both your loves in one with this maggi burger recipe. Cook the maggi like you do and slather it in the burger buns along with some cheese and sauce. 

3.  Aloo Tikki Burger 

This is the most common and easiest burger recipes to replicate at home. The classic aloo tikki or patty is made by mashing together potatoes along with other veggies. This crispy patty is packed with lettuce, cheese, sauce, tomatoes and onions in the burger buns.