With pandemic almost overshadowing two years of our life, it’s almost end to another long pandemic year. The kitchen took the centre focus and food saw getting renovated in many forms. The Waitrose report 2022 says that coming year will see rise in spice-based dishes. Also foods inspired by global cuisines like Japanese furikake, Korean gochujang and even Mexican tajin are going to make their mark in the food industry. From baking banana bread to focaccia to cooking almost an Michelin level exotic plate home kitchens saw a facelift. 

As we approach 2022, here are few of the food trends are expected to rule the year

Plant-based everything

Clean ingredients and clear straight recipe is the key when it comes to plant based menus. Mindless eating is taking a backseat. With convenience playing a role, quick and easy food had been the order of the day, where one gets to see that vegetable-based dishes are generally faster to cook. Along with the fact those who believe in this whole idea of plant- based food, they think that the plant-based movement is all about doing what is better for the planet and its people. Be it the Eggplant Maki roll, or a protein rich sushi roll or Mixed Citrus & Crisp Noodle Salad from Green Mantis or even the Mock Duck Pancake to  Chongquing Mock Chicken at Kikoka consumers are surely getting more adventurous and more curious about plant-based.  

Potato Milk

This high-carbohydrate vegetable is set to give a tough competition to almond milk, soy milk and even oats milk and the likes of it. This new nondairy milk that is made from boiled potatoes and the water is gaining much popularity. Forecast also says that potato milk might soon enter the coffee shops. This dairy-free, fat-free, and cholesterol-free is said to be equivalent to cow milk

Immunity Boosting Ingredients

Immunity Boosting Food and ingredients like Wellness Shots of small servings of concentrated juices, Probiotics along with foods that are fortified, enriched and are known for providing health benefits as they have high nutrients are going to be in trend. A 2002 article in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that “micronutrients incorporated into foods contributes to an enhancement of immunocompetence,”

Tastes of Home

Home meal experience by Sneha Saikia


Past two years home happened to be the most comfort zone to grab a morsel. The comfort of home food will never go out of fashion. This has also given the homechefs a platform to showcase their skills and exclusively curated home experience are gonna be a trend in coming years. Most of us have also understood the whole concept of seasonal produce and the kitchen is seeing more of them. Research also says that of those eating at home, 35% have developed a newfound passion for cooking.

Ancient grains are back

Millets, bajra, amaranath and more are seeing a comeback into the scene. Eating grains, especially whole grains, provides health benefits. Being high in nutrients and fiber they are absolutely more desirable these days. Give  the number of nutritional benefits that these grains have they have slowly made their way into our lifestyle habit and from the home dining table to the five star table they are making a comeback.