Food Habits That Can Prevent Lifestyle Disorders
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Health disorders including diabetes, cardiac arrests, strokes, and cardiovascular diseases are on the rise. You can blame stress, poor eating habits, irregular sleep patterns, or the fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle. Such a lifestyle harms our body in a chronic way. Without a doubt, the majority of lifestyle disorders have treatments and medications available thanks to advances in medical science. Is there, however, a holistic approach to preventing these illnesses and lifestyle disorders? The good news is that the remedy is close at hand. Even today, the supposedly carefree way of life in rural India can serve as a model for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are six doable eating practices from rural life that can help prevent lifestyle disorders-

Simple and Chemical-Free Food

Similar to the simple way of living, the food prepared in rural areas is equally basic and contains no additions, preservatives, or chemicals. Light and healthful foods are part of a sattvic diet. Sattvic meals are considered to boost vitality, happiness, tranquilly, and mental clarity in Ayurvedic practice. In actuality, this means choosing meals that are enjoyable, fresh, nutritional, and vegetarian.

Having Freshly Cooked Meals

People in rural areas consume cooked dishes immediately or within a few hours due to a lack of storage facilities. This enables them to retain food's nutrients as effectively as possible. To gain the most nutrients from prepared food, according to Ayurveda, it must be eaten within three hours; after that, the meal starts to turn Tamasik.

3 Meals

People in rural areas eat three freshly prepared meals each day, and skipping meals in order to lose weight or maintain good health is still uncommon. If you want to lose weight, eating three meals a day can really be very effective because eating at regular intervals promotes better digestion and increases metabolism.

Use Of Fresh Ingredients

Using freshly ground spices is the greatest approach to creating flavorful meals in the majority of rural households. The majority of spices are ground with a mortar and pestle, which preserves their natural oils, flavour, and therapeutic benefits. The spices are usually powdered at home and are without extra preservatives and oils.

Drinking Milk

One habit that improves immunity, promotes sleep and keeps the bones and teeth strong is drinking milk before bed. Milk consumption before bedtime increases metabolism and aids in better weight management. Milk is rich in calcium, riboflavin, phosphorous, vitamins A and B12 and potassium. It is a great source of calcium and vitamin D which are essential nutrients for our growth.


People in rural locations can maintain their physical fitness and health by eating fresh foods. The primary cause of this is relying on locally grown or homegrown produce that is just picked and cooked in chulhas, which gently cook food while preserving nutrients. This fresh produce is usually farmed in their gardens and is free of any sprayed preservatives.