Food Festival In Bikaner Encourages Voting With Giant Foods
Image Credit: via Rudra News Express

Political parties in India are busy creating a buzz for the upcoming elections – and have been resorting to some creative ways in a bid to increase the voter count for the Lok Sabha elections set to be held on April 19. Out of these, one of the most creative ones that stood out, took place in Rajasthan’s Bikaner city – where the Sveep Food Carnival was held on Masala Chowk. Serving up some delicious food to visitors, each of the display items of gigantic foods also urged the onlookers to vote and turn up.

From a samosa weighing 8 kilos to 20-kilo burgers, the food festival was full of such elaborate creations that were jaw-dropping. A loaf of bread that weighed 25 kilos was said to have grabbed maximum eyeballs, in addition to five kilos of pizza for people to enjoy. What also caught the attention of the visitors were a hot dog weighing 4 kilos, as well as a giant 30-inch papad. One of the reasons why foods were prepared in these sizes was to emphasise on the need for people to vote, while displaying the ‘must vote’ message on them.

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Encouraging this sentiment further, a tricolour arrangement was made with 30 kilos of Bengali sweets, as well as a 42-kilo heavy ghevar that carried the ‘must vote’ message. Joining this exhaustive list of dishes that were exhibited, was also a one and a half feet long jalebi – all of which was available for the visitors to relish. Tell us what your favourite version of giant foods are in the comments.