Food Delivery To Mixology: Robots Are Taking Over Winter Olympics 2022
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot From Reuters Twitter/YouTube

If not anything, the pandemic has taught us that flexibility is the ultimate mantra. Be it planning weddings, parties, travel or an event as big as the Olympics, resilience is what is taking us through these tough times. With the virus still lurking around, the world is showing strength to fight it and move past it toward a better future. Winter Olympics 2022 is almost here, and it seems like it is here to show the world how with the precautions in place, we can strive for newer heights. Hosted by Beijing this year, the winter sporting event sees delegates and participants from all across the world. And the Chinese government is leaving no stone unturned to make sure it goes more smoothly than ever, especially when it comes to food. 

In a recent video tweeted by Reuters, that has now gone viral, one can see how participants are being delivered food in a Beijing hotel. In accordance with the Covid-19 safety measures, and in a bid to decrease human contact, which would’ve been inevitable when it comes to food delivery and room service, the government went a step ahead and deployed robots to deliver food to winter Olympics 2020. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?  

In the video, we can see how the robots reach a hotel room and wait in front of the door to open. One needs to enter a code post which the robot opens up to reveal the food package. Once the participant is done taking the package, it moves on. The amusing video has definitely impressed people all over, take a look:


In another video uploaded on Reuter’s official YouTube Channel, we can see how robots have taken over the food scene of the winter Olympics 2022, making it a one-of-a-kind event. On one occasion, we see noodles and burgers being served by a robot from the ceiling, while on another, we have a robot arm as a mixologist at work, measuring, shaking and serving drinks all in about 70-90 seconds. There’s even an ice cream vending machine that works with just a few touches on the screen and a QR code. These services are offered to everyone at the event from participants to media personnel. Take a look at the video:

Impressive, don’t you think? Beijing is definitely a step ahead in making sure the multi-sport event runs smoothly. The Winter Olympics starts on February 4 and will go on till February 20.