Food Bloggers Use Iron To Make Grilled Cheese Sandwich; Leave Viewers Amused

All types of hacks can be seen on the internet every single day: some interesting and some quite weird that make people cringe. Although these hacks come from all directions and relate to all types of activities, those related to cooking definitely get extra attention from foodies across the world. From hacks as simple as how to peel garlic to hacks that make the actual cooking process easier, we have come across a lot of them that have helped us in the long run. Today, we bring you one such hack that will surely blow your mind. It involves grilling a cheese sandwich with an iron and the video has grabbed the attention of thousands of viewers across the world. Don’t believe us yet? Take a look yourself:

We know that one cannot even think about using an appliance that is used to press clothes to make sandwiches. As seen in the video, the blogger is adding a cheese slice over a slice of bread, sprinkling it with some oregano and chilli flakes and finally assembling the sandwich with another slice of bread. The entire sandwich is properly wrapped with aluminium foil and each side is pressed with a hot iron for about 20-30 seconds. The results will shock you for sure.

The video was uploaded by the blogger couple with the username @thinktravelfood on their Instagram handle. Ever since it was uploaded, the video has garnered about 320k views, 19.6k likes and interesting comments from netizens around the country. Here are some of them:

“Ha ham jese hostel girl's k liye useful h Bahot😂😂😂btw ty😍”

“Ajkl hostel mein har bacha yahi jugad to karte hai apun bhut sahi km krta hai”

“Bhoot force se press Kiya aap ney bread ka hal tho dhekho 😂😂😂😂😂yaar simply superb”

Are you intrigued enough to try this hack? Do try it and let us know how it worked. Also, don’t forget to try the interesting grilled sandwich recipes that we have in store for you.