Flavours Of Kashmir At This Daawat-E-Kashmir Festival; Exclusive Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Monji Haakh

As the adage goes, “Kashmir has always been more than a mere place. It has the quality of an experience, or a state of mind or perhaps an ideal”. To experience the true Kashmiri essence of life, Taftoon Bar & Kitchen brings you Daawat-E-Kashmir commencing on March 15, and this is one for the calendars. 

“Kashmir, the crown jewel of our country is a treasure trove of flavours and cooking techniques waiting to be experienced. At the center of its culinary pride is the Kashmiri Wazwan. Our expert Kashmiri Wazas are ready to take you on a sensorial journey as they cook and plate these authentic delicacies from the northern state for you.” states Pankaj Gupta, Founder of Taftoon. 

So what can you expect at the Kashmiri Food Festival? Taftoon is pleased to host you with the best of Kashmiri cuisine at Daawat-E-Kashmir. From Tabak Maaz, a classic meat delicacy made with Lamb ribs, to Nadru Ke kebab, a flavour packed shallow fried Lotus Stem patties made with the Ustaad's secret masala, in the appetizers you are in for a treat. In the mains you cannot miss out on the Mutton Rogan Josh - a delicate and aromatic mutton preparation cooked with Kashmiri Mawal petals and for the vegetarians Gogji Rajma, a red Kidney bean and Shalgam curry made with a variant of Rajma from Jammu. The dessert goes straight to the heart and The Shufta is an experience in itself - A component made from apricot, cashews, dried coconut, pistachios and Sultanas toasted in ghee, served with mango ice- cream and poppy- crusted, chewy, badam shortbread to savor. Finally, the Kashmiri Food Festival would be incomplete without creating an ambience reminiscent of Kashmir, with a spice table and various other elements at play, you will be left wanting to book your next holiday up north. 

An extensive menu full of references to Kashmir and the ingredients that go into each dish—a little something to suit the flavours of each palate. Taste rare mixers and startling combinations, as Taftoon is ready to take you on an exciting journey to Kashmir. 

Here’s an exclusive recipe Monji Haakh


    ½ Kg or 1 Kg pound Kohlrabi

    2 Whole green chilies/red dry chili

    1 ½ cup of Water

    Kashmiri spice cake (if available)

    4-5 tbsp of cooking vegetable oil (preferably mustard oil if available)

    Salt to taste


    Peel and cut the Kohlrabi into thin slices and strip its leaves into half.

    Clean the Kohlrabi by taking out the coarse stalks and by washing it until clean water comes out.

    Place the Kohlrabi in a colander to drain out water.

    Heat 3tbsp of oil in a pressure cooker or cooking pan at medium heat.

    Add the Kohlrabi and stir well till it shrivels and dips in the water properly.

    Add salt and the whole dry or green chilies as desired and water.

    Boil the Kohlrabi.

    Cover and cook the Kohlrabi until 3 to 4 whistles in a pressure cooker or if cooking in a pan, cook for approximately for 15 mins or until Kohlrabi is tender.

    Open the lid of the cooker immediately to retain the green colour of the Kohlrabi.

    Add a pinch of Kashmiri Spice cake (if available)

    Serve with white rice.

Rajma Gogji:


    1 Kg Turnip, peeled and quartered with edges.

    3 cups of Kidney Beans (clean and soaked in 6 cups of water overnight)

    ½ tsp turmeric powder

    Salt to taste

    5 tbsp oil

    4 Cloves garlic

    ½ tsp cumin seed

    2-inch Stick cinnamon

    1 tsp. red chili powder

    2 tsp. ginger powder

    2 tsp fennel powder

    6 whole dry chilies, de seeded.


    Discard the water in which the beans had been soaked.

    Boil 9 cups of water, and the beans in an open pressure cooker.

    Add the turmeric powder, close the lid. Bring to high pressure, reduce heat and cook for 30 minutes or till the beans are soft, but not broken.

    A good taste is to press a bean between the thumb and the index finger. If it bursts out of its skin in a floury mash, it is done.

    While the beans are cooking, heat oil in a deep-frying pan.

    Add the turnips in batches, turning around frequently till very light brown in colour.

    Drain and put into the beans. Meanwhile, remove the pan from the heat. While the oil is still hot, add the garlic, cumin seed, cinnamon, chili powder, ginger and fennel powder and 1 tbsp water and then quickly pour over the beans and turnips in the pressure cooker.

    Add water and red chilies. Close the lid, bring to pressure on high heat. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 mins.

    Remove from heat and all the pressure cooker to cool down to room temperature.

    Serve hot with rice.