Flavourful Indian Style Roasted Chicken For Perfect Dinner Meal

Indian style cooking as it guarantees a different blend of flavours, roasting as a cooking style involved will be a great addition to the dish. Roasted Chicken makes an amazing chicken dish. A crowd puller and pleaser, this Indian Style Chicken has everything that your family will always appreciate you for. A delicious and satisfying dish to provide you enough protein and taste, also a perfect dinner meal for a Sunday cooking session.

Easily available ingredients in an Indian kitchen to make a not-so-difficult recipe, relish this dish with the whole family; serve with rice.

Use of dry heat or roasting for chicken is a cooking method that evenly cooks the chicken. This method is also a great flavour enhancer. For a tender resultant product, slow roasting is preferred, where temperature is around 95 to 160 degrees. This is also useful for large cuts of chicken. Indian Style Chicken Roasting includes the use of basic spices marinated on to the chicken. 

Instructions to Prepare Indian Style Roasted Chicken

The basic method of preparation involves marination of chicken followed by resting and then roasting the chicken in a pan. A good roasted chicken should have a crispy chicken skin yet a juicy flavour. The ingredients used are easily available, and with slow roasting as the cooking method, a perfectly satisfying taste is achieved

Step by Step Method

Marination of Chicken: In a bowl, Mix melted butter, honey, ginger garlic paste, salt, pepper, chilli powder, jeera powder and vinegar

Insert a spoon under the chicken to loosen the skin. Now, marinate the chicken completely; cover and let it rest for at least two hours or overnight

Take the chicken out an hour prior to roasting and preheat the oven to 200 degrees; Heat some oil in a pan, add cut onions, potatoes and garlic into it. Add basic seasonings, salt and pepper

Use a twine to tie the chicken legs, place the marinated chicken in the pan above the vegetables

Add a lime in the chicken cavity

After half of the roasting is completed, that is the chicken has slightly become brown, take the chicken out and baste with leftover marinate

Now, place the chicken in the oven till the internal temperature of 75 degrees is achieved

When the internal temperature is achieved, take the chicken out and let it rest for a few minutes to allow the moisture to be distributed equally

Use butter to brush the chicken thoroughly

Carve using sharp knife: Cut the twine first, cut between joints of leg and body; then slice off breast horizontally followed by the wings; finally the extra meat can be taken off

Roasting Chicken Indian Style is a great way to add aroma and flavour of both spices and through roasting Get tender and juicy chicken filled with amazing Indian Spicy flavours. Marination of chicken done a day before makes the dish even more impressive.