5 Vegan Patty Picks For Every Burger Enthusiast

With the episodes on ‘Shark Tank India’ being a talking point now, Sairaj Dhond has become a household name. Not because of the Presley vibes he gave out, but also because of the focus his pitch and product brought onto jackfruit. Presented as a meat substitute, it only underlined the rage that non real meats have come to be of today.

With more consumers understanding and adapting to a vegan lifestyle, the trend about conscious eating is set to take off all the more. Here are the top options for an amazing burger patty for vegans that will never make you miss the meatiness of a good old burger.


In ancient Indian food traditions, jackfruit has always been known as the meat growing on trees. Given the fibrous texture and bland nature of jackfruit, it is an easy-to -play-with pick. A burger patty, thus, fits in well with jackfruit as the base. 

Classic Bengali recipes treat and toss jackfruit on the exact same lines as meat. Therefore, mashing sprucing, shaping and grilling jackfruit on lines of meat patty for a wholesome burger is legit. For your vegan burger, remember to skip the mayonnaise unless the label promises the vegan quotient.

Black Or Red Bean

Beans are always an easy-to-handle option. These come with a ‘bite’, which makes it relevant as a burger patty. Accordingly, these can be shaped and seasoned right. Make sure you use collard greens with a bean patty for the best couple effect.


The humble chickpea doesn't make the best chole or hummus folks. It can be tempered up and pan grilled to perfection to make an awesome burger patty.


Indian kitchens are famous for vadas and pakoras made from lentils. Therefore, soaking some chana dal up and pulsing it up into a patty is no big deal. Use the right Italian seasoning and pair it right with a Mexican twist for an amazing burger experience.


This much-hyped ingredient is as versatile as the Indian sabudana. Quinoa when soaked, cooked and formed right; makes the right burger patty. The texture makes it easy to soak up flavourings and added spices too. 

Ending on a patty note: With vegan eating not as rare as it was a decade back, times are definitely changing. There are a multitude of options and a host of flavours to go with; a vegan burger patty is no longer unrealistic.