Five Traditional Desserts From Hyderabad
Image Credit: Instagram/daknisweettreats

Hyderabad may be known for Nizami cuisine that includes biryani and salan, but the city’s desserts don’t fall far behind. Whether they were invented in Hyderabad or elsewhere, these sweet treats have become synonymous with the city over the years. From hot halwas to cooling milk puddings, there’s something here for everyone. Here are five traditional desserts from Hyderabad that you must try: 

Qubani ka meetha

A Nizami dessert that was loved by the Mughal Emperor Babur, qubani ka meetha originated in Hyderabad. To make qubani ka meetha, apricots are boiled with syrup until a thick paste is formed. Once ready, the dessert is served hot, topped with almonds or malai.