Five Fun Ways To Eat More Ricotta Cheese
Image Credit: Fresh ricotta cheese

Ricotta (translating as recooked in Italian) is a soft cheese variety made from sheep, cow or buffalo milk. The fresh cheese is high in fat content and has a rich, silken mouthfeel when added to food. The creamy texture, punctuated by granules of milk solids is slightly nutty but neutral in flavour. Typically known to be used as fillings for Italian dishes like pasta shells or lasagna, ricotta has also been favoured as a topping for pizza. Interestingly enough, we picked out five fascinating ways to experience the cheese in all its glory. Read on to know more:

1. Pasta with a Tomato-Ricotta Sauce

While this might not seem like a far cry from other Italian dishes with ricotta, a tangy tomato sauce blended with fresh ricotta, basil and roasted garlic is stuff of dreams. Pair it with a glass of red wine or some crusty bread to scoop the smooth, luscious sauce later. Ideal for a date night meal!

2. Ricotta Ice Cream

The semi-solid consistency of fresh ricotta is perfect for a decadent dessert like ice cream. This, combined with molten dark chocolate and honey, loaded on a cone would make any hot summer day seem like a breeze. Berries too!

3. Ricotta Cheesecake

Whether it maybe obvious or not, the idea of a ricotta cheesecake sounds so good, it could cure gloom in the blink of an eye. A tiny pot of seasonal berry compote of any kind to pour over the custard-y soft cake and we have ourselves a balance of the tart sharpness with it.

4. Ricotta Fritters

Puffy, crispy, fluffy goodness is synonymous with a good time in the form of ricotta fritters. Toss them in a bowl of cinnamon sugar or spike them with chives, garlic and dunk them in a spicy dip for the best World Cup munchies to share with your friends.

5. Ricotta Pancakes

Whether you decide to treat yourself to a relaxed breakfast on a Saturday morning or crave for a sweet treat in the middle of the night, ricotta pancakes are possibly the easiest to toss up for your alone-time treat to enjoy in front of the television. Add a pat of butter, some freshly sliced strawberries and douse in some delicious maple syrup and dig into it to experience true bliss.