Five Fragrant Herbs To Use In The Kitchen
Image Credit: Pixabay

Fragrant and decorative, herbs can be used to add aroma, flavour, texture and colour to food. Besides their culinary uses, herbs can also enhance wellbeing. Mint improves focus while sweet basil can reduce depression. Herbs may be used fresh or dried, and can even be grown at home. 

We recommend five herbs with a pleasant smell to use in your kitchen:


Mint has a characteristic, strong fragrance and has been used to flavour food for a long time. It goes particularly well with chocolate (think minty hot chocolate on a cold day) and can also be used to make soups and brew teas. Drinks like smoothies and cocktails are also enhanced by the addition of mint. It’s also a pretty garnish for salads and dips.


Basil comes like many varieties like sweet basil, holy basil and even cinnamon basil. Used heavily in Italian cooking, it has a pleasant, sweet taste. Use it to add flavour to salads like caprese or blitz it into pesto. Basil is rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium and Vitamin C. Holy basil is sometimes used to flavour chai, which works as a remedy for cold. 


A herb with needle-like leaves, rosemary comes from the Mediterranean region. It has medicinal uses and helps strengthen memory. Rosemary goes particularly well with roasted chicken or potatoes. Add it to butter to make a fragrant condiment, or use the leaves in salad. Whole sprigs may be added to dishes like stews and soups.


Dill has a strong aniseed aroma and flavour and must be used sparingly. It makes an especially good seasoning for pickles. Dill enhances the flavour of dishes that use cucumber, like tzatziki. Seafood and dill is a match made in heaven; salmon canapes look beautiful when garnished with the dainty herb.


Most commonly used as a garnish, chives go beyond that. Eggs, salads and main dishes all become more flavourful with the addition of the herb. Chives have a flavour and aroma similar to onions. Cheese sauces taste especially good with chopped chives and also look appealing. If frozen, chives retain their flavour for up to three months.