Five Craft Beer To Make This Summer Bearable
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A hot day makes you feel tired. It is really important to be hydrated in summer. Taste and smell play an important role in how one is feeling. It is said that in summer we should eat light and surround ourselves with refreshing smells. Beers are something that makes us feel refreshed. So how about some fresh craft beers. For the uninitiated craft beers are those which are made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery and the story of craft beer is linked to the story of America’s broken love affair with suds. Flavored with fruits and different ingredients, beers refresh us. The only condition is, one should have beers that are made with utmost precision. Breweries are one place where you can turn for craft-beers. Breweries like Independence Brewing Company are offering some amazing craft beers.

Social Bee

As the day gets hotter and you start building a thirst, the honey flavored beer will help shake off your thirst. Social Bee is a refreshing ale brewed beer with pale and wheat malts. It is infused with 30% organic honey and lavender, and has a typical grainy, bready smell. The beer is medium, partially filtered, and semi-dry. Due to the presence of honey, it has a sweet taste and slight breadinees. 

Ixcacao 2.0

Some like their beer bitter, some like it sweet. Ixcacao 2.0 is a combination of both. It has a bittersweet chocolate taste with hints of coffee and toffee. Served on nitro at bars and CO2 in growlers, it comes in a deep dark brown color with a tan head. This beer is named after the Mayan goddess of cacao and chocolate and has a perfect blend of all ingredients. A chilled glass of Ixcacao on a hot summer day with almost any food is a great refresher.

Raspberry Pale Ale

Some beers can be enjoyed with any food during the height of the summer. Raspberry Pale Ale is one of them. A crisp American pale ale with bags of flavor. It is a refreshing and light fruity beer infused with citrus and raspberries, and barley and wheat. It has a light aroma of raspberry and is dry to taste. Colored in golden pink, raspberry pale ale is clear in nature. Erupting with flavors, Raspberry Pale Ale is an ultimate feel good-hit of the summer.

Pulp Fiction

Mangoes always beat the heat in summers. With a smooth and clean finish, Pulp Fiction is a perfect drink to deal with hot summers. Pours a slightly hazy yellow golden color, it is laced with the sweetness of mangoes. Pulp Fiction is ale brewed, medium bodied and semi-sweet. It boasts freshly punched devgad mangoes aroma.

Rice Lager

If you are looking for something other than water to quench your thirst this summer, we recommend you try Rice Lager. It has a natural scent and will restore your mood on a hot summer day. The smell and flavor play an important role in how you feel. It is light, semi-sweet, and made from rice.