Finish 35 Momos In 15 Minutes At This Delhi Eatery And Win INR 1 Lakh In Cash
Image Credit: Can you eat 35 momos in just15 minutes? Image: Freepik

Food challenges are one of the most popular trends online these days, especially in India with street food. If you are still unversed with the concept, a food challenge is when a restaurant, a street food vendor or an eatery places a prize money on a challenge of finishing a particular amount of food in a designated time. The bigger the challenge that is presented, the more Indian foodies are enticed to try it. For instance, gol gappa eating championship, chola kulcha, a giant thali, and so on. These days the prize money ranges anything between 31k to even 1 lakh! Yes, you read that right. And if the latest food challenge is to be believed, this is what the prize money actually is! 

For the passionate foodies, who like to take risks and attempt bigger competitions seeking the thrill of success, another exciting food eating challenge has come up that is sure to capture your interest. One eatery in Delhi is challenging people to eat 35 momos in just under 15 minutes! And, as a reward, they are giving out INR 1 lakh in cash! Don't believe us? Read on. 

The challenge might look simple but it does come with some rules, some of which is pretty hard to follow. The first rule is that you can't vomit during the challenge, despite eating so much in so less a time frame. If you do vomit then you forfeit. The second rule is that you have to eat the entire momo, the covering and the filling. The third rule is that winners of this challenge can't compete again and lastly, people have to pay the bill of the momo basket before starting the challenge. It is organised by Big Momos World, Delhi and to enter the challenge, one has to pay INR 2000 or INR 2500 (depending on veg or non-veg momos). If you win the challenge, not only do you win the INR 1 lakh in cash, but you also get a refund on your whole bill! The video was uploaded by YouTube based food blogger 'Foody Vishal' and has already garnered more than 260k views along with 14k likes. Take a look at the video:

In the video, the blogger actually finishes the 35 momos in the given time frame and goes on to win INR 1 lakh. However, as a sign of good faith, the blogger decided to donate half the money back to the restaurant owner and the rest of it to a housekeeper of the eatery who needed money. This gesture won the heart of the internet and here's what they said in the comments: 

"The last part was the best moment thanks to Vishal Bhai and Gaurav Bhai for helping the owner (due to less business) and housekeeping guy Dinesh" 

"Doing great at end taking good decision to help needy people...Happiness is in Helping" 

"Last ending good job bro" 

"Ending is emotional" 


"Last part was awesome!! Helping the worker, Hats off!!"

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