Find Gal Gadot’s Love For Mac n’ Cheese Relatable? Here’s A Recipe We’re Obsessed With Right Now

Israeli actor and model Gal Gadot became a household name after the release of ‘Wonder Woman’. The actress is not only one of the most beloved Marvel characters today but also one of the highest paid Hollywood actresses today. The actress who has 71.7 million followers on Instagram, is an inspiration for fitness lovers across the world, but when Gal wants to indulge, she goes all the way. In many of her interviews, the actress has confessed to being a foodie and we got enough proof in her latest Instagram post, where the actress can be seen chomping on a plate of Mac N’ Cheese while getting her hair and make-up. “Juggling lunch and glam is easier than ever”, she wrote in her caption.  

Mac n’ cheese, for the unversed, is short for Macaroni and cheese, it is a popular comfort food across Europe and America that is made with mixing macaroni pasta with a lot of melted cheese, butter and herbs. Its simplicity appeals to people of all ages, serve it warm on a particularly chilly evening and you have a winner. Even though Mac n’ cheese is possibly the easiest pasta you can make at home, there are some tips you may want to keep in mind.

For instance, for a good cheese sauce, it is ideal to opt for cheese that melts easily, yet holds it own. Cheddar is often considered better than mozzarella for Mac and cheese, as the latter may become all gooey and clumpy. Boil your pasta with a little bit of salt and oil. Add the cheese after you have added cream and it has boiled. Make sure you cook the sauce on medium flame, stirring occasionally. If the sauce sticks to the back of the spoon, it is ready. Now add the boiled macaroni, make sure it is drained well. Mix it up, add herbs of your choice like thyme, oregano. Grate some more cheese on top and serve hot.

In this nippy weather, a bowl of Mac n cheese could prove to be a big highlight of your day. Who are we kidding, a bowl of Mac n’ cheese can delight us anytime, anywhere. Besides, the scope of experimenting here is truly something special. Why stick to cheese and macaroni only, spruce it up with bacon bits, chicken chunks, mushroom and peppers, if you are feeling extra experimental.

For instance, in this Mac and Cheese recipe has left us obsessed. Crispy bacon and mushrooms not only add volume to the pasta but also helps elevate the texture of it, while cutting through the dense creaminess of the pasta.

Here is the detailed recipe of Bacon and Mushroom Mac and Cheese. Tell us how you liked it, do not forget to share the pictures.