Father's Day Gifting Guide: Best Indian Whiskies Edition
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FATHER'S DAY, observed on June 18 around the globe, is one of the most unique ways of expressing our love for our dads. Scouring for gifts for men can be quite a challenging task as the list of options is not that extensive, and if you are someone who ends up shopping for last-minute gifts, the problem just gets worse. Don't you worry! For you have ended up at the right place.

If your dad is an alcohol connoisseur or someone who just likes to drink on special occasions only, your best bet for a gift right now could be a nice bottle of whisky! Made from the fermented mash of cereal grains, whisky is one of the most popular liquors in India and the numerous brands that curate whiskies testify to the popularity of the beverage.

Here is a list of the top Indian whiskies that you can present as a last-minute gift for your dad this Father's Day:


1) McDowell's Platinum 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly buy, McDowell's Platinum is your go-to whisky! In a 2020 Brand Champions report curated by The Spirits Business, McDowell No1’s was cited as the highest-selling whisky in the world. However, the platinum version is more refined which was introduced back in 2018. 

2) Imperial Blue Superior Grain

Manufactured by Pernod Ricard, Imperial Blue has made its way to the third highest-selling whisky around the world. You would famously know this brand with its iconic advertisements, featuring their tagline "Men will be men."

3) Royal Stag

Another whisky by Pernod Ricard, Royal Stag is currently the best-selling Indian whisky in the market. One of the major reasons that this golden nectar stands out from the rest is that it does not contain any artificial flavours! This whisky is a blend of imported Scotch malts and grain spirits.


1) Teacher’s Highland Cream 

With a huge proportion of Malt whisky, the Teacher's Highland Cream is a smooth and complex whisky. The use of fully smoked peated single malt whisky from the Ardmore distillery, the resultant whisky brings out a beautiful undertone of smokiness.

2) Bushmills Irish Whisky

Triple distilled and matured in sherry casks, the Bushmills Irish Single Malt whisky offers a layered aroma of honey, vanilla and milk chocolate. Have it neat or on the rocks and you will truly appreciate the complexity of the flavours in this one!

3) Monkey Shoulder

This single malt whisky hits you with creamy undertones which is perfect for that festive night. An old fashioned with this one cannot go wrong.



Chivas 18 is a sensational and intricately crafted whisky, boasting an impressive array of 85 distinct and delectable flavour notes in each and every sip - a testament to the exceptional expertise of its creator, Colin Scott. This unparalleled blend from the esteemed Chivas Regal distillery, which has long been synonymous with unparalleled quality, elegance, and luxury, first made its debut in 1909. Since then, it has become thegold standard for refinement, class, and exclusivity, beloved by discerning connoisseurs the world over.

With Chivas 18 Gold Signature, the master blender, Colin Scott, has crafted yet another masterpiece of unparalleled distinction, setting a new benchmark for exceptional whisky blends around the globe. Boasting a staggering 85 rich and varied flavour notes, this elixir is a sublime blend of 22 sumptuous fruit notes, 20 exquisite floral notes, 22 heavenly sweet notes, and 21 complex nutty and spicy notes that create an unparalleled alchemy of luxurious tastes.

 Chivas 18 is an absolute masterpiece, a true feast for your senses, and the ultimate drink for those who demand only the finest quality, refinement, and sophistication in their whisky. Crafted for the most discerning palates, Chivas 18 is truly the epitome of excellence.

Key Flavour Notes:Butterscotch, vanilla, oranges, dried fruits, lavender, almonds and cinnamon

1) Paul John Bold

The Indian evergreen from Goa, Paul John Bold is a must-have for any whisky lover, as the hints of Manuka honey, prickly spice and bourbon-esque red liquorice make every sip worth it.  

2) Rampur Single Malt

Moving away from the typical strong whisky, Rampur Single Malt offers you a fruity blend of complex spices and dried fruit. The layers of toffee and cinnamon, followed by a dash of vanilla and forest honey will truly tingle your taste buds.

3) Glenmorangie The Tayne

Presenting a toasty undertone, jam of red fruits and hints of coffee, this single malt whisky is one of the most sought-after whiskies for the festive season.