Father's Day Gifting Guide: Best Indian Artisanal Chocolates
Image Credit: The range of chocolates offered by Mason & Co.

While there are a million ways to make your dad feel special, a small gift on Father's Day, undoubtedly tops the list. June 18, observed as Father's Day all over the globe is one of the most unique ways of expressing our love to our dads. 

"But what could be a nice gift?" - A question that must have followed right after. A tiny list of giftable options for men clearly does not help the case. So what should you do? Fear not! For you have ended up at the right place. 

Scouring for gifts can be quite a challenge, especially when it's a last-minute gift. If your dad has a sweet tooth, your best bet for a gift right now could be a nice box of artisanal chocolates. Made by hand in small batches, artisanal chocolates are not only fresh but also carefully curated with experts bringing new variations to their palette every single day.

Have a look at the top Indian artisanal chocolates that your dad will surely not want to share with anyone else.

1) Mason & Co

One of the first chocolate makers to introduce Indian cacao beans, Mason & Co is a creation of an all-female workforce. The Auroville-based Mason & Co sources its cacao beans from Tamil Nadu and Kerala and features flavours that cater to regular milk chocolate lovers as well as experimental folks.

2) All Things Chocolate 

Based in Jaipur, All Things Chocolate is a luxury chocolate brand that offers a variety of flavours for all taste palettes. While the chocolate is a marvel in itself, its packaging truly enhances the luxurious experience.

3) Naviluna Artisan Chocolate 

If your dad wants to stay away from the mainstream flavours of sweet milk chocolate then the Naviluna artisanal chocolates are truly made for him. Formerly named Earthloaf, Naviluna is among the first chocolate makers in the world who used organically-certified Indian cacao beans. With combinations of Tokai coffee, pepper lime and smoked salt, Naviluna chocolates are a treat for inquisitive tastebuds. 

4) Kocoatrait 

Chennai's Kocoatrait takes a lot of pride in their 'zero waste chocolate'. Kocoatrait is a sustainable, zero-waste, plastic-free, bean-to-bar chocolate brand. With astounding flavours like Gajar Ka Halwa white chocolate and Boondi Ladoo dark chocolate, Kocoatrait also offers vegan options.

5) Ether Atelier Chocolate 

With immense respect for quiet complexity, subtlety and incredible nuance, Ether Atelier is a creation of Prateek Bakhitiani, who has trained as a chef at various Michelin-starred restaurants across the world. The chocolate flavours created with single-origin chocolate from Peru to Indonesia, Ether Atelier chocolates truly bring the luxury quotient to the table.